How to disconnect Facebook from your Instagram account

Instagram is closely associated with Facebook. Instagram derives most of its features from Facebook as both these popular apps are owned by a single company. Linking both the accounts gives you the benefit to easily update posts on both the platforms at the same time. By connecting both the platforms, you can easily share your Instagram photos and stories to Facebook profile automatically. Also linking Facebook with an Instagram profile would make it easier for your Facebook friends to find you on Instagram. However, if you don’t want to share every photo you post on Instagram to be posted on the Facebook news feed, you can keep the two account separate. 

To stop sharing your online activity on Instagram to Facebook you have to unlink the two accounts. In this article, we outline steps to unlink your Facebook from the Instagram account. 

How to disconnect Facebook from your Instagram account 

  • On your smartphone, launch the Instagram app.
  • Go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your profile. 
  • Tap Settings option from the menu 
  • Navigate to Accounts option from the menu and tap Linked Account.
Unlink Instagram with Facebook
  • In the Linked Accounts menu, the accounts linked to Instagram will be highlighted blue in colour. If your Facebook is linked to Instagram, it will be highlighted blue.
  • To disconnect Facebook from Instagram, Tap Facebook and then tap the Unlink account option. 
how to unlink facebook and instagram
  • Once done, your Instagram will be disconnected from Facebook. You won’t be able to share Instagram posts to Facebook automatically anymore. 
  • In future, if at all you change your mind and decide to reconnect Instagram back with Facebook, you can easily do it with simple steps. To reconnect Facebook with Instagram, Go to Linked accounts in Settings and tap the Facebook option to relink. 

If you are unlinking both the accounts for the sake of privacy, there are certain stipulations you should know. Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, both the accounts are bound together completely. Even if you unlink both the platforms, all your Instagram data will be stored in Facebook’s servers as both the platform are owned by a single company. So if you are concerned about privacy it is worth mentioning that Facebook will be having access to all your data including Instagram photos even if you decide to keep both the accounts separate. By unlinking both the platforms you will be able to stop Instagram from sharing posts to your Facebook news feed automatically. 

That’s all.

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