How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress?

Do you want to create a new page or post identical to an existing one? Duplicating pages or posts in WordPress not only saves time but also helps to maintain consistency in the website’s design. Many times you come across a situation wherein you want to reuse your published content or create multiple, similar products for an Ecommerce website, cloning the page/post helps to maintain similar design and layout. Also, if you want to make any changes in your website, it is recommended to edit the duplicate copy first. This minimizes the chance of breaking your site.

In this article, we have explained how you can easily duplicate a page or post in your WordPress website.

  1. Manually Copy & Paste Code
  2. With the help of Plugins

Method 1: Manually Copy & Paste Code

This method is more convenient and quicker if you have only one page/post to duplicate. You can easily copy-paste the code using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor at a click of a button. But keep in mind, this method does not retain the settings, SEO data, featured image, and other metadata of the page or post. Due to its limitations, manually copy-pasting is not recommended for duplicating multiple pages/posts.

Steps to Manually Duplicate a Single Page or Post:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard and open the existing page (Navigate Pages >> All Pages) or post (Navigate Posts >> All Posts) you want to duplicate. Click on the Edit button of the selected page/post.

Step 2: Click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner. You will find the ‘Copy all content’ option under the TOOLS section.

Step 3: Click on Copy all content and you’ll get a message telling you your content has been copied.

Step 4: Now, Create a new page or post. Go to Pages >> New Pages or Posts >> New Posts for creating a new page and post respectively in your WordPress dashboard. Then, paste the content in the first empty block. You can right-click and select Paste from the menu or use the shortcut keys for pasting on your keyboard i.e. Ctrl + V on a PC and Cmd + V on a Mac.

You’ll need to repeat these steps individually for each page or post you want to copy.

Method 2: With the help of Plugins

You can easily and quickly clone a page or post in WordPress using plugins. There are multiple free plugins available in WordPress which can automatically duplicate a post or page with all its settings and content, unlike the manual copy -paste method. Using plugins is the most reliable method as it avoids human error and there’s no need to directly modify your website’s code. Also, this method is recommended while duplicating multiple pages or posts.

Plugin 1: Duplicate Page and Post plugin

Duplicate page and post plugin provide functionality to create a clone of a page or posts custom post (CPT). It doesn’t weigh your site down with unnecessary bells and whistles. It is light weighted and faster compared to other plugins.

Step 1: First, you need to install and Activate the Plugin. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins >> Add New. Search for the Plugin and click on Install Now. Then, Activate the Plugin.

Step 2: Now, go to Settings >> Duplicate Post to configure the Plugin Settings. You have an option to select editor (Classic and Gutenberg), select Duplicate Post Status (Draft, Publish, Private, Pending) and Select post redirection. Also, you can add a Post Suffix for the duplicate page or post which will be displayed after the title, and add custom text for the duplicate link button. In the end, click on Save Settings.

<p> Step 3: Go to Posts >> All Posts or Pages > All Pages, depending on what you want to duplicate. Hover on the existing page/post and You will find a new option- ‘Duplicate’ </p>

Step 4: Click on Duplicate and you will see the duplicate copy beneath the original page/post as a new draft with the same title – DRAFT

Plugin 2: Yoast Duplicate Post plugin

This plugin allows users to clone posts of any type, or copy them to new drafts. You can copy the content, duplicate the comments, slug, menu order and add prefix or suffix option so that you can  differentiate your original post and the clone. You can select multiple pages or posts and clone them all at once using Bulk Actions.

Step 1: Navigate to Plugins >> Add New in your WordPress Dashboard to Install and Activate the Plugin.

Step 2: Go to Settings >> Duplicate Post to configure the Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin Settings.

Step 3: Navigate to the page or post you want to copy, and click on Clone to duplicate it. Multiple pages or posts can be selected, and you can clone them all at once using Bulk Actions.

There are other plugins available to duplicate a page/post in WordPress such as Post Duplicator, Duplicate Page, and WP Bulk Post Duplicator. You can also edit the functions.php file to clone a WordPress Page or Post.

We hope this article helps you to duplicate posts or pages in WordPress website. In case of queries, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic you can leave a comment for that as well.

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