How To Easily Transfer Contacts From Any Android Device to iPhone!

Thinking to switch over iOS from Android and don’t know how you will transfer your contacts from Android to iOS. If this concerns you luckily you are at the perfect place. We are sure transferring contacts might be the most challenging task when you are switching your device.

However, most of us know how to transfer contacts between the same operating systems easily. But usually, you might not know how to transfer between two different OS, especially when you have to transfer it to iOS. Transferring contacts might sound difficult but there are tons of easy ways to do it. Here are some of the best solutions to import your contacts from Android to iPhone. 

Best ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Although there are many third-party apps that can be used to transfer contacts. We’ll outline the 3 best ways if you have been thinking to change your android to iOS. Although using google account and sim card is strongly suggested. Also, using a third-party app comes at the last only if the first 2 methods fail.  

Method 1: Using a Google account 

The best thing about Google is its universal integration within Android, iOS, or even in your windows/mac PC. Google allows you to sync contacts on your device, although it does not make any duplicate copy of contacts. However, you can take the assistance of your Google account to sync your contacts on both the devices but it might be a bit complicated.

If you have used a google account to signup while setting up your Android device then there is a 100% chance that the contacts might be synced with google account. First of all, before moving to the steps make sure that you back up contacts from your Android phone. Here’s how to do to:

1. On your Android Smartphone Go to Settings > tap on Accounts settings > open Accounts tab. Enter Google details and enable synchronization so that your phone contacts and google contacts are sorted. 

2. On your iPhone. From your iOS Go to settings > scroll to the Accounts & password tab or Mail, Contacts, calenders Tab in the old version od iOS. Enable contacts from accounts and add your Google account.

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3. Your account would be added to your iPhone, but sometimes this way some contacts don’t get synchronization and it takes some time. So wait for a couple of hours and the sync will be completed.   

Method 2: Using your existing SIM in an iPhone

If you are not ready to use any third-party application to transfer contacts you can use its SIM card. It is one of the great options the only thing you would get annoyed opting for this method is a lot of time consumption.

However, this only works if your physical SIM card is of the same size for android as well as iOS. Although you can cut the SIM into the smaller one or the larger one if you have the cuttings.

Also, another most important factor is that the SIM card must have enough space to accommodate all the contacts, and usually, a sim card can accommodate a few hundred contacts only. Here’s how to transfer contacts using sim card:

1. Save all contacts or export contacts from the Android phone to its SIM. Make sure that your SIM card has free storage so that the export gets completed.  

2. Insert the SIM into your iPhone sort and after the complete detection of SIM on your iOS device. Go to the Settings of your iOS > scroll to the Contacts tab > tap on Import SIM Contacts. Confirm the import and all your contacts will be imported to the iPhone memory.  

Method 3: Using Move to iOS Third-Party App

Move to the iOS‘ app is one of the good apps in the list of third-party apps. You can choose to transfer contacts using this app by downloading it from the google play store. Although this will only work if you are setting up a new iPhone. Follow the following steps to transfer contacts from android to iOS.

1. Switch on your iPhone and set up the device. While the setup you iOS will ask you that from where you want to move your existing data choose Android phone. After that, you can see a one-time generated code that will be used when you transfer from android.  

2. On your Android device Launch Move to iOS app on your android and give the required permissions. Now tap on Continue > it will ask you to enter a one-time generated code. Once both devices are connected you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

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