How to Edit Footer in WordPress

As the name suggests, footer is the bottom most part (foot) of your website. It appears on all your webpages in most of the sites.

You can add various contents in this footer. For example – widgets, links to other pages, your company logo, copyright notice, etc.

Why Should we Edit the Footer Section?

The default footer text for WordPress themes is generally “Proudly powered by WordPress”. This footer text might seem unprofessional and inappropriate to your visitors. You should rather display some information about your business in that footer section.

Note: It is absolutely legal to edit the footer area of your site as WordPress is open-source software. There are a few third-party themes that may have their own set of restrictions. It is necessary to read the license agreements in such cases.

Now, let us see different methods to edit the footer in WordPress.

Edit Footer using Theme Customizer

Many themes in WordPress have the customizer option in-built; if the theme you are using is one of them, then you can easily make changes in your footer. This is one of the easiest methods to edit the footer content on your site.

First login to your sites dashboard, then simply go to Appearance >> Customize or Appearance >> Theme >> Customize.

Now, go to the “Footer” section and you will see a text-box with the default text in it. You can simply edit this text and insert your desired text. You can make other changes like background color and spacing.

Finally, publish all the changes you have made and preview the footer in your site.

Edit Footer using Theme Editor

You can edit the footer by manually editing the PHP code file of the footer.

To edit the “footer.php” file go to Appearance >> Theme Editor from your WordPress Dashboard. Under the Theme Files column search for the footer.php file and click on it, you will see the whole PHP code on your screen.

Next, find “Proudly powered by WordPress” in your code. Simply edit that text to your desired text and save the PHP file again.

Even though WordPress checks your code before saving it and displays an error message; it is important that you create a copy of the footer.php file. If you make the smallest mistake in editing the content your whole website can break.

Note: Beginners should avoid or take special care while applying this method as it is comparatively one of the most complex methods. 

Adding Widgets to the Footer

Using widgets you can add gallery of images, texts and links in the footer.

In the dashboard, go to Appearance >> Widgets.

Look for the footer widget section. You have to simply drag and drop the widget of your choice in the footer section.

Finally, update and preview your page to ensure that all the widgets are placed properly on your footer.

Remove Footer Credit Plugin

If you fear breaking your site while making changes to your footer.php file, then we recommend you to use this plugin. Also, there is no need to add the code again and again in case you update your theme. This plugin has very minimal options to keep things simple and easier to use.

Search for the “Remove Footer Credit” in your plugin search bar, install and activate it.

Go to Tools >> Remove Footer Credits and enter the code you wish to change in the first text box and the new text in the second one.

Save and preview the footer on your page.

Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

You must have seen various application icons on many websites. For example- If you see an Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn logo on website footer and you click on one of it, you will go to the page of that business on the respective application.

Adding these icons and links not only adds a nice design to the footer but also serves a logical and user-friendly purpose. This can be done with the help of the “Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

Go to Plugins >> Add New from your WordPress dashboard and install and activate the plugin.

Upon activation, go to the Settings >> Insert Headers and Footers on the dashboard.

Next, copy and paste the code of your desired application or page in the “Script in Footer” text-box.

Save the changes and preview your site.

Adding CSS to WordPress Footer

This is a very easy method to eliminate “Proudly powered by WordPress” from your footer. On your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearances >> Customize >> Additional CSS. The Additional CSS option is the last option in the Customize column.

You shall see a blank space under Additional CSS, fill the following code there:-

site-info {display: none}

We would recommend avoiding using this method as it can affect the SEO ranking of your website. Your footer does not contain any link or other content, Google considers it as a violation act and drops your SEO rankings.

We hope this article helps you create beautiful and informative footers for your WordPress website. In case of queries, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic you can leave a comment for that as well.

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