How to Extend the Life of Your Phone through a Few Simple Practices

Smartphones are one of the most widely used inventions of the 21st century. The popularity of the device is nothing like any tech device seen before. It is not only useful but also addictive in some way, so much that we can’t imagine our life without it. The utility of the mobile phone can’t be disparaged by anyone, even its critics can’t call it completely useless. You might already know all of this, then why am I recapitulating it to you? The reason is simple, I want you to realise how important your phone is and why you should take care of it. Now, that I have established the why let us move to the how. Learn How to Extend the Life of Your Phone.

Maintain the Interior Hygiene of your Phone

The Covid-19 pandemic has already taught us the importance of maintaining hygiene. It is time that we apply it to other important sectors, like to our palm size little worlds. I cannot emphasize enough how keeping your phone clean from the within can prevent any damage to its functionality over time. To keep your phone clean, make sure you regularly check your device for any bugs or malware. Also, don’t trouble your phone’s RAM with unnecessary data in the form of texts, docs or images. Restarting your phone time and again is also a great practice. This improves your battery life and gets rid of temporary memory. Shutting down your phone completely can also extend its life by allowing it some resting time. By maintaining the health of your phone software, you can avoid serious lag times or software failure in the long run. Thus, extending the life on your phone. 

Pro Tip: USe various free cloud services instead of keeping all data on your phone.

Don’t Expose your Phone to Uncomfortable Situations

There are certain common activities that you do with your phone, which are not as harmless as they seem. Exposing your phone to a certain environmental condition can cause severe damage to its functioning. One common example is sleeping with your phone, which is a fire hazard. The warmth from your bed, your body combined with the heat of the apps can cause potential harm to your phone’s hardware. Another place where you shouldn’t take your phone in the gym. Some phones particularly iPhones can have water damage when exposed to constant sweat.  Exposing your phone to extreme temperature, saline water and excessive dust is harmful too. So, make sure you protect your phone when you are under certain adverse conditions by either covering or leaving it at home. While, we are on the topic of uncomfortable places, try not keeping your phone in your back pocket and taking it to the toilet for obvious reasons.

Use the Best Protective Gears

The phone cover is like a life jacket for your phone, it can save its life and again. Hence, investing in a quality phone case, which is shock and waterproof is extremely important. This is because, no matter how careful you are, your phone is going to fall sometimes. To prevent such incidents from causing potential damage to your device, a durable case is a must. Another requirement is a good quality screen guard as replacing your screen can be a little expensive. Invest your money in the best screen guard you can find, a lot of options are available in the market that would not at all come in the way of your touch experience. Apart from protective gears for your phone, you can also get some for your charging cable and earphones to keep your whole army safe. 

Keep the Exterior of Your Clean

This is something anyone rarely does unless they have dropped food on their phone. Don’t wait for food splashes to clean your phone, do it regularly. To Extend the Life of Your Phone, it is vital that it remains safe from dirt, bacteria and grime. This is because these things can mess up with your input jack as well as the sensitivity settings. Keeping your phone dirty will also interfere with your overall experience of using the device. Regular cleaning with suitable products must be practised, along with checking the jacks thoroughly for any external bodies. If you are not a fan of cleaning, make sure that you don’t get your phone dirty in the first place by keeping it well-protected at all times.

These tips will surely come in handy for you to Extend the Life of Your Phone. An additional tip would be to protect your battery life by healthy charging practices. You can learn all about it in Your Charging Practices Reducing the Battery Life of Your Phone. 

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