How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Error In Windows 10

Users might encounter several black screen issues in Windows 10. This problem can commonly be solved by updating your drivers. A Black Screen Death is proved to be more difficult to resolve as no error message is displayed and it’s just a black screen.

In Windows 10, the Black Screen Death Error will lead the user to a simple black screen, often with a movable mouse pointer but no other Windows features. To get the solution Troubleshoot the error in Windows 10 with these solutions and tips.

What Are The Causes Of Black Screen On A Computer?

The Black Screen of Death might occur due to the following:

  • Windows update is stuck
  • Overheating
  • Display issues
  • Improper installation of Windows 10
  • Software or driver error
  • An issue with power supply

Black Screen of Death can be caused due to many errors that can occur at the time of installing Windows 10 or when you perform a Windows system update. While the Windows 10 is being installed the following errors can occur:

1. Setup Is Still In Progress

While the installation is in process, it is continuously writing data on the Hard Disk, in case the setup is struck check if the HDD is still running by checking the HDD status LED lights in case your system has these lights, if the lights are blinking that means the process is running. This process can take a few hours too depending on the amount of data being transferred and the age of the system. Patience is the key here, in most cases the setup gets completed in a couple of hours.

2. Windows 10 Setup Process Is Stuck

In case there is no LED activity on the Hard Disk lights or the setup is stuck for too long then the setup might be stuck due to some error and we need to restart the Windows 10 installation process.

You have to power off the computer. Remove all the peripheral devices and in the case of a laptop remove the battery as well. Hold the power button for twenty seconds. Now put back all the peripherals and Power up the device again. Now setup should restart automatically.

Methods To Fix Black Screen Of Death In Windows 10

1. To Fix Windows Issues, Use Restoro

Restoro is a system software for Windows that continuously scans the system files, installed apps, and registry items looking for errors and malware. Restoro allows diagnosing and fixing issues before you get to the black screen of death phase. Some of the features of Restoro are:

  • Replace damaged files
  • Restore performance
  • Free up disk space
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Stops PC from freezing and crashing

2. To Fix Software Incompatibility Issues

In most of the cases, while trying to run an older program which is not compatible with Windows 10, it might cause the Black Screen of Death. To resolve this issue, you should run the Compatibility Troubleshooter.

  • First, right-click on the icon of the program you want to start
  • Press Properties -> Compatibility
  • Press on Run compatibility troubleshooter.

3. Fix Driver Problems

Drivers issues are the most common issues that case Black Screen of Death, an outdated driver might case your system to become unresponsive or case Black Screen of Death. Graphics card issues either with a faulty hardware or an outdated drivers are the most common issues that cause this issue. Here’s how you can check and update your drivers:

  • Press the Start button
  • Open Device Manager
  • Go through the list of the main components like CPU, Chipset, and GPU.
  • Right-click on the device
  • Press the Update Driver
  • Then lastly, follow the wizard

4. Fix Overheating Issues

You might face the problem of Black Screen in Windows 10 due to overheating problems. In such a case, you can turn your PC off for some time and let it cool for sometimes.

Dust ingress is also a common cause as dust tends to accumulate around the vents and the fan. This issue can arise for laptops and even desktops, make sure to clean up the internal parts periodically to avoid dust ingress. In case you can clean this on your own, perfect, otherwise, you can get a professional do this for you.

Also, make sure your system is placed in a well ventilated area that allows proper airflow to cool down the GPU while using the system.

5. Run The Built-In Troubleshooter

Image Source: windowsreport

Windows 10 also comes with an in-built troubleshooter. To access that follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Click on Update and Security
  • Run the Troubleshooter
  • Now select Run the Troubleshooter

This troubleshooter can cause your PC to turn off unexpectedly and restart and may help you to fix your black screen issue too.

6. Adding Troubleshooting Methods

  • Listen for any beeps
  • Restart your PC by disconnecting all your peripherals
  • Remove all recently installed programs
  • Disable fast startup
  • Remove your PC battery
  • Disable the antivirus software
  • Finally, go to Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System and then check for the reported cause of the error.


Sometimes a faulty power supply unit can also cause your PC to hang with a black screen. But mainly the Black Screen of Death is caused by a software glitch, but that can be repaired and reproduced. If nothing works try booting to Safe Mode and try disabling the drivers, it might help identify the cause.

Whatever the cause may be, there is always a solution to fix the problem.

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