How To Free Up Storage Space On Your Android Device?

All Android smartphones come with different variants based on their storage capacity. But filling up space even on the phone with the largest capacity is a matter of time. And one day or the other, you’ll look for the how-to guides to free up the space of your Android smartphones. If you have already reached that point where you need to free up some storage space on your Android device and make some place for the new data, then we have some hacks for you. These hacks will let you keep your important data by your side while let go of the nonessential one.

How To Free Up Storage Space On Android Smartphones?

NOTE: We are using a Vivo V15 device with Android version 9.0 to showcase these tricks. The steps to achieve the given tasks might differ from device to device.

Clear Cache

Cache occupies a huge amount of space on your Android devices. We admit that the cache information is stored by your device for your own convenience, but the same cache can hinder the performance of your device. So here are the steps to clear the cache.

1. Go to the Settings app of your device and look out for RAM and storage space option.

ram and storage space

2. Inside you will find an option to Clean up storage space. Tap on it.

3. Now choose the Quick cleanup option.

quick cleanup

4. For cleaning up the cache from the device completely, tap on the Next option that appears. Quick clean asks if you want to delete the rarely used apps and other app data along with the cache. You can select the other two options if you want and tap on Clear now to free up your smartphone from all the cache files.

Deleting Recently Deleted Media

Most of the Android phones today come with a Recently deleted folder where all that media is kept that you deleted from your photos or video section. The purpose of this folder to make it possible for you to restore the photos that you deleted by mistake. But for those photos which you deleted willingly, keeping them in Recently deleted folder is a waste.

To clean your Recently Deleted Folder:

1. Open the Photos app on your Android smartphone and check for the Recently deleted folder.

2. Inside the folder you will all the photos and videos that are not of any use to you.

3. Simply select all the photos or the ones you don’t want to restore and select the Delete option to free up the space on your device.

recently deleted photos

Using Google Photos

If you haven’t used Google Photos yet, then now’s the time to make this app come handy. Google Photos backup unlimited amount of data of your device. And once that’s done, you can delete the photos and videos that exist on your phone.

1. Open the Settings app on your smartphone and find Backup & Reset option.

2. Now select the Backup data option, choose Google server as your backup place, and toggle on the Back up my data option. If it’s already turned on, then your photos are getting backed up on Google Photos.

enable google photos backup

You can check for yourself by opening the Google Photos app on your device. After opening Google Photos, tap on your profile icon. If it shows Backup complete, then it means Google has a backup of your photos. And if it shows Waiting for Wi-Fi, then you need to connect your cell phone to Wi-Fi and the photos will automatically start to sync.

backup all photos

Use An SD Card

SD card is one of the best ways to never lose the data just because the space on your phone is less. You just have to transfer the data from one place to another. SD card can easily store files like music, photos, videos, even apps, and everything you could imagine. And almost all the cell phones come with a separate slot for the SD card. Our suggestion is that you choose to go for the SD card with higher space like 32 GB, 64 GB,128 GB, and 256 GB.

Final Words

Here we would like to put an end to our list of some best tricks to free up space on your Android devices. There might be many other methods to achieve the same task but if you follow all the hacks above, these are enough for you. And as told before, some of the tricks shown above might differ, depending on what Android smartphone you use and with what Android version. So you need to figure out the small difference between the given steps and how they are applicable on your device.

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