How to get rid of memory hogging programs on your Mac

Wind up the widgets

When Dashboard first gave the impression in Tiger it gave the impression to be the panacea for all utilities. But as a semi-transparent layer this is invisible until activated by means of clicking its icon within the Dock, it’s an utility that’s lively at all times and the usage of memory. Even worse, as a result of widgets are written basically in html, css and Javascript, the coding is probably not as environment friendly as though it have been written conventionally.

In Lion, the Dashboard defaulted to being its personal house. As such, it’s all the time lively and taking over each memory and processor cycles, particularly in case you have so much of present widgets. While Mountain Lion handles this higher, you must close down any widgets you don’t want.

If you don’t use Dashboard in any respect, you’ll be able to disable it solely. Open Terminal from the Utilities folder and kind:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES

Press Enter after which sign off and again in. Using the similar remark finishing in NO re-activates Dashboard. 

If you’re uncomfortable with Terminal, use TinkerTool (loose, As neatly as providing you with get right of entry to to further desire settings and hidden options constructed into Mac OS X, it might deactivate Dashboard.

Both strategies paintings irrespective of whether or not Dashboard is about to have its personal house or no longer inside of Mission Control’s gadget personal tastes.

If you might have any essential widgets you’ll be able to all the time take a look at changing them to standalone apps with Amnesty Singles ($9.95,

Disable Dashboard completely by means of Terminal

On function of TinkerTool is the facility to deactivate Dashboard

Close down the apps

A host of scenarios could cause your laptop to decelerate or freeze with the ensuing spinning beachball of loss of life. The latter signifies that an app has stopped responding to gadget occasions and used to be patented by means of Apple again in 2003 (in any case granted in July 2012). 

Processor-intensive apps hog your processor cycles, some despite the fact that the app is operating within the background. Coupled with an absence of to be had RAM, your Mac would possibly decelerate to the purpose that it’s utterly unresponsive and the one solution is a restart. Being conscious of this is a part of the struggle; MenuMeters (loose, can show the extent of processor utilization by means of the gadget and your apps independently. It too can display used/loose memory in conjunction with the quantity of switch recordsdata (as discussed in the past). 

A worse state of affairs is operating out of arduous force house. When Mac OS X tries to write a switch disk document and has inadequate house to achieve this, the effects can also be calamitous. Again, MenuMeters can also be set to display to be had arduous force house within the menu bar.

Running Apple’s Activity Monitor can come up with a good suggestion of which apps are hogging your memory or processor cycles. Given how briefly maximum apps get started up, if you happen to’re no longer the usage of an app close it down.

Activity Monitor displays up which apps are processor hogs

Get rid of the ‘others’

Introduced with the primary incarnation of Mac OS X, Preference Panes are plug-ins for both the gadget or particular apps. Mountain Lion has 4 rows of those for the gadget plus a 5th row known as ‘Other’ that turns into populated through the years by means of the ones from third-party apps. Problem is, as soon as an app’s installer has positioned its document there, it has a tendency to keep. Even uninstallers can fail to shift it. 

Want to have a filter out of the ones you not want? Simple. A swift ctrl-click brings up a one-line ‘take away’ possibility. Select this and it’s long past. This best works for ‘Others’, no longer the ones managed by means of Mac OS X itself.

Any ‘different’ PrefPanes can also be simply remo

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