How to Highlight Author’s Comments in WordPress

WordPress is popular among young and adults these days as the most sought after website creation tool. With the help of WordPress in no time, you can build your own website. One of the unique features which make WordPress a widely accepted blogging tool is its unique comment section. It allows the user to discuss the blog topic with the Author. Not only this, but the Author also gets to approve the comments before letting them appear publicly on WordPress. But sometimes amidst all comments from readers, it is hard to find what the Author had commented. That is why it is essential to differentiate Author’s comment. Do you want to learn the trick to distinguish content creators from readers? 

If you are up for highlighting the comments in WordPress, I may assume that you have a little working knowledge of coding. Even if you are a novice, you are in the right place. I will walk you through the steps on How to Highlight Author’s Comments in WordPress in the easiest way possible. 

Find the appropriate class. 

WordPress is a software which, by default, generates a few classes for you to work with. Some of these CSS classes are responsible for changing the comment styling and colors.

In the comment list section, you will come across a new class which you have to work with if you want to change the type of author’s comments. The class name is bypostauthor.

Add the codes for image

Now all you have to do is modify the codes in your theme folder, to be specific in the style.css folder inside it. Now you can add style as per your choice in it. It allows you to add background pictures, colors, font styles, your own image, etc. according to your choice.

.commentlist .bypostauthor {}
.commentlist li li.bypostauthor img{}

It is not that difficult as you think. The Author’s comment has to stand out in some way or other from other comments of WordPress users. You can apply a thick top line or Author’s logo symbol to distinguish yourself as an author from other users.

Highlight author's image box
.commentlist .bypostauthor {border-top: 10px cast #0d42a2;}
.commentlist li li.bypostauthor {border-top: 10px cast #0d42a2;}

Add background colors

It is not rocket science to change the colors of the background. First, you have to set your mind on a particular color. Once you have selected a color, you have to search on Google the hexadecimal for that color. Now add this hexadecimal number inside the bypostauthor class as background colors. You can also distinguish your comment from your readers’ in your blog in this way.

highlight author's box
.commentlist .bypostauthor {background: #eee;}
.commentlist li li.bypostauthor {background: #eee;}


Are you looking for a few examples where the Author’s feedback is appearing distinctively? You can check out Chris Coyier and Matt Cutt’s official website in WordPress. Chris uses an orange color and his own picture to differentiate his comment from his readers. Whereas, Matt Cutt uses a soft blue background color along with his own picture on the upper right corner to stand out from other comments

How to Highlight Author's Comments in WordPress example

Now that you have learned all these things, I hope it would be easier for you to highlight comments in WordPress from now on. Although it is explicitly mentioned on the blog how to proceed through each step if you still find it difficult, don’t hesitate to reach us.

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