How to Highlight Different Calendars In Outlook Online

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If you’ve ever displayed more than one calendars in a single view in Outlook Online, you’ll understand how helpful it’s but in addition how complicated it will probably get. Use colours and charms to know at a look which appointment belongs to which calendar.

Outlook can display plenty of other calendars with the exception of your default calendar. Additional calendars you’ve created your self, shared calendars from other folks, calendars from teams you belong to, and calendars from Planner can all be considered both in my view or in combination.

When you’re viewing more than one calendars in combination, it’s simple to get just a little misplaced. Microsoft has made it simple to distinguish between other calendars by means of the usage of colours, and you’ll additionally upload charms—icons on each and every appointment—as a default for each and every calendar, and in my view on particular occasions.

Your default calendar will display appointments in blue, and not using a charms.

Calendar appointments in the default blue color.

To view further calendars, click on them within the sidebar at the left-hand aspect in order that a checkmark is displayed.

Different calendars displayed in the sidebar.

The appointments from the ones calendars will seem within the calendar view. Outlook offers them a unique colour by means of default.

Calendar appointments from different calendars displayed with different colors.

In our instance, two of the occasions have an icon—known as a attraction—already assigned to them.

Two appointments with charms automatically applied.

This is finished routinely by means of Outlook when it reveals a phrase that fits a attraction. The inexperienced appointment has a birthday cake attraction since the appointment name is “Mike’s birthday.” The purple appointment has a pen and paper attraction since the appointment comprises the phrase “instructional.” Other phrases that can purpose a attraction to be routinely added come with “dentist,” “physician,” “vacation,” and “automobile.”

You can manually alternate the default colour for a calendar by means of clicking the 3 dots subsequent to the calendar within the sidebar after which deciding on the “Color” choice.

The "Color" option for a calendar.

Choose the colour you need, and the appointments at the calendar will straight away alternate to fit.

The selected color, with an appointment showing the new color.

You too can upload a default attraction to a calendar, which will probably be implemented to each and every appointment in that calendar. Click the 3 dots subsequent to the calendar within the sidebar after which make a choice the “Charm” button.

The "Charm" option for a calendar.

Choose the attraction you need, and the appointments will straight away alternate to fit.

The charm box, and an appointment showing the chosen charm.

One of the appointments we identified previous nonetheless has the pen and paper attraction that Outlook routinely implemented.

An appointment showing the automatically applied charm.

The earlier computerized attraction overrides the calendar default, however you’ll alternate it. Double-click the appointment to open it after which make a choice the attraction.

The charm option in the appointment.

This opens the attraction field. You can make a choice any attraction you need, however to fit the default attraction for the calendar, you want to take away the routinely implemented attraction. To do that, click on the circle within the most sensible left.

The option to remove the bespoke charm.

This will take away the bespoke attraction, and the appointment will pick out up the default attraction you decided on for the calendar.

The open appintment showing the default charm for the calendar.

If you don’t need a default attraction implemented to a calendar, however as a substitute you need to follow bespoke charms to particular appointments, the method is the same. Double-click an appointment to open it and click on the circle subsequent to the appointment name.

The Charm option in an open appointment.

This opens the attraction field. Choose the attraction you need and click on it to follow it to the appointment.

The charm box, and the open appointment showing the bespoke charm.

Close the appointment, and the attraction will probably be visual at the appointment within the calendar.

The appointment showing the bespoke charm in the calendar.

Currently, there’s no means to upload your personal colours or charms to Outlook, so you might have to use the choices the corporate offers you. However, there are sufficient colours and charms that, in maximum eventualities, you’ll be in a position to create distinctive markers for fairly a couple of calendars, which is no doubt higher than having more than one equivalent calendars staring again at you.

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