How to keep your Apple Watch data safe when switching to a new iPhone

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are in spite of everything to be had to acquire from the Apple Store and carriers in the United Kingdom, and insist is throughout the roof; with queues at Apple’s London Regent Street retailer winding down backstreets or even thru a park.

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But with excited early adopters speeding house to arrange their new iPhones, realisation struck for plenty of Apple Watch customers. Upon opening the Apple Watch app, customers are welcomed via a notification informing them that they are the usage of an iPhone that has been unpaired from the Apple Watch, and that the Apple Watch has to be totally reset so as to be paired with the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

Resetting your Apple Watch method you’ll be able to lose all your data: workout data, app data, personal tastes, watch face customisations, Glances or even data referring to to your stride when exercising. Stride data is essential for those who like to workout with out their iPhones, as your Watch wishes to be told your stride to as it should be supply distance and so forth, and it may possibly take a little time to do that. See additionally: How to use the Apple Watch Activity app

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It’s now not simply new iPhone homeowners both. This factor will have an effect on any iPhone proprietor that switches instrument. But do not be disturbed: there may be a manner for you to save and switch all your Apple Watch apps and data to be used with your new iPhone, and it’s a lot more effective than you could realise.

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How to keep Apple Watch data when switching iPhones

Step 1) If your previous iPhone is subsidized up to iTunes, be certain it is encrypted. This is essential. For prison causes, Apple is handiest allowed to retailer non-public health-related data (which contains workout data) in safe backups. That method both an iCloud backup (which is safe via your Apple ID’s password), or an encrypted iTunes backup. If you run an unencrypted iTunes backup after which repair your Apple Watch, you’ll be able to to find that the whole thing has been stored with the exception of fitness & workout data. 

Step 2) Make positive you’re hooked up to Wi-Fi. Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone, as you’ve gotten to be hooked up to the web for positive portions of this how-to.

Step 3) Complete repair. If you’re restoring a backup from an previous iPhone, be certain all your apps have completed downloading. Failure to do that would possibly hotel in having to reinstall your Apple Watch apps.

Step 4) Open the Settings app at the Apple Watch. On your Apple Watch, press the Home button to get right of entry to the principle app menu and open the Settings app. Once opened, head to General > Reset and faucet “Erase all Content and Settings”. Don’t concern – if you happen to’ve hooked up to Wi-Fi within the earlier step, the Apple Watch will have to routinely create a backup of your apps and data.

Step 5) Wait. Your Apple Watch will have to reset, a procedure that shouldn’t take greater than 5 mins or so. Once its erased all content material and settings, it’ll reset and convey you again to the preliminary setup.

Step 6) Initiate the setup procedure. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and faucet ‘Start Pairing’ and practice the preliminary Apple Watch setup procedure. If you’re undecided of the way to do that, take a look at our Apple Watch setup how to.

Step 7) Restore from Backup. Midway throughout the Apple Watch setup, you’ll be requested whether or not you need to arrange your Apple Watch as a new Watch, or repair from a backup. Tap “Restore from Backup” and also you will have to see a record of Apple Watch backups displayed – choose the newest backup and faucet ‘Next’.

Step 8) Continue with the setup procedure. Follow the preliminary setup procedure till its completed. Once completed, you’re totally arrange and in a position to cross! You can take a have a look at the Activity app to check your workout data has transferred, and getting access to the app menu at the Apple Watch will verify whether or not apps have transferred. If there are apps lacking, those can also be reinstalled by the use of the Apple Watch app.

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