How To Know If Your Android Smartphone Is Hacked And How To Fix It!

One of the worst nightmares you can ever witness is realizing that your Android Smartphone Is Hacked. Yes, you’re allowed to be all panicky and losing your senses. But don’t worry, there’s a way to get out of this situation too. But, the major question here is, how do you know whether your Android is hacked or not because often we tend to miss the warning signs. It’s not always apparent and so you need to keep a vigilant eye. 

Signs to look out for to know whether your Android Smartphone Is Hacked!

1. Sudden Pop ups:

Be wary of any sudden pop-ups that come into your phone, that take you to a different web page. It is the first thing to be vigilant about. Pops up might be a common phenomenon when you’re using a third-party app or any other website. But if you see such pop-ups actually showing up randomly in your phone, even when you’re not using it, that’s a sign you should look out for. 

2. Phone battery: 

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Next, comes your phone’s battery. Do you find your phone battery draining rapidly even though you don’t seem to use it that often? That’s a valid suspicion which you should hold on to. It might indicate that your phone might be hacked. Apps loaded with malware work silently in the background which might make your battery dry out. Just go to your battery settings on your phone and see whether there are any odd or unknown apps. 

3. Notice your data and app usage: 

Do you spot any strange looking app that you are sure you never installed? Then, it might be the work of your hacker, trying to steal your phone’s personal information and data. 

So, now what? You’re sure that your Android has been hacked and you’re freaking out. Don’t worry, you can still manage to get rid of that harmful malware and get your phone unhacked.

How to protect your Android Smartphone from getting hacked?

Don’t get too excited even when you learn that your phone is not hacked by reading the above-mentioned pointers. Your phone might always be at risk in the hands of sly hackers. So, to prevent your phone from the hands of hackers, follow these four steps as prevention is always better than cure. 

1. Anti-virus scan:

One of the best ways to clean your Android is to install a trusted antivirus app that can scan your device thoroughly and delete all those unwanted spyware applications. There are a lot of options to choose from in the Play Store.

2. Unwanted App Uninstallation:

If you notice any unwanted applications on your device then uninstall them right away. Just head over to “Apps” on your Settings bar and look at all the apps that you think might be downloaded without your prior knowledge just delete them immediately. Avoid using third party applications as they are the leading cause of your Android getting hacked. Always try using legal websites and browsers. 

3. Avoid Random Buttons:

Make a note of not clicking random buttons, like the ones written as “download” in a big, bold, and highlighting fashion that leads you to a different tab once you click it. The same applies to clicking random links. For better protection, you can download an ad blocker. 

4. Strong PIN:

Always secure your phone with a strong password, pattern, or PIN. That way, hackers can’t easily access your phone’s data. 

5. Update your phone constantly:

Lastly, keep on updating your phone. So, the next time you ignore that “update software” message, keep in mind that your phone might be at the risk of hacking. 

So, we hope these tips and tricks have helped you in understanding why your phone might get hacked, and even if it does, how to solve the problem efficiently. Tread with caution and always keep your eyes open.

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