How to Make and Take Calls On Your Windows 10 Powered PC

If you are like me, you might hate the sound of your phone when you are working on your computer. What particularly gets on my nerves is talking on my phone while I am on my laptop. The sheer act of switching devices messes up my concentration at the work at hand, leading to a salty phone conversation and inefficiency following the conversation. Thankfully, now I have found a way to maintain my work efficiency and maintain my work relations and I will share it with you all. Taking and making calls while working on your PC is made easier by Windows 10. Learn How to Make and Take Calls On Your Windows 10 Powered PC.

Pre Requirements to Make and Take Calls On Your Windows 10 Powered PC

1. Bluetooth Support

The first requirement for making and receiving calls from your PC is Bluetooth support. Both your phone and PC must have Bluetooth enabled. This shouldn’t be a problem as most Windows 10 laptops are equipped with Bluetooth. 

2. Windows 10 Update from May 2019

To use Windows 10 to make and receive calls, you must ensure that your Windows is updated to the May 2019 version. The call feature works only if your Windows is updated, so manually update it if it isn’t. You can check your Windows version by going to Settings > System > About > Version and to update head to Update & Security instead.

3. Android 7.0 or Later Versions

A bummer for the Apple users that this service is only available for Android users. For Android users to make use of calling through PC, they will need an Android version of 7 or later. To check the version, head to Settings and then About.

Steps to Set up Calling on Windows 10

  1. The first thing you need to Make and Take Calls on Your Windows 10 is Your Phone App on your PC and Your Phone Companion on your Android Phone.
  2. Once you have downloaded apps on both devices, connect both of them to the same wifi network and launch respective apps.
  3. On your PC, select Android on the Your Phone app and you’ll see a QR code. 
  4. Tap “Is there a QR Code on Your PC” option on Your Phone Companion on mobile and scan the code on the PC.
  5. Now, click Done on the PC and press Continue on your Mobile Phone.
  6. On your Mobile, give the app permission to access your data and run in the background. Just press Allow till you find Done.
  7. Now, switch to the PC and select the option “Pin App to Taskbar” and then click on “Get Started”.
  8. Then press “Make a Call” on the next screen. Then again you’ll have to click on “Get Started” to configure the call on your PC. 
  9. Hit “Setup” and now you’ll receive a prompt for permission, select “Open” and then “Allow”.
  10. A code to pair your mobile with your PC will appear on your phone. Choose a pair and do the same on your computer.
  11. Finally, view your call log on your PC by clicking on “Send Permission” and accept the same on your Mobile and you are done.

Make and Take Calls On Your Windows 10 Powered PC

Once you are all set up, making and taking calls is a piece of cake. To make a call from your PC, follow the given steps.

  1. Launch “Your Phone” app on your PC and click on your phone in the sidebar on the left.
  2. Select “Calls” and a dialer will appear along with your call logs on the left.
  3. Now, just make calls the same way you do on your phone.

To receive a call from your PC all you have to do is click. Once there is an incoming call on your phone, a notification will pop up on the PC. You can choose to Accept or Decline the call from there and that’s it.

Your Phone is an excellent app to take and make calls from your PC. Now that you know how to set it up and use it, don’t spend another minute wondering about it. Install the app and see for yourself if it makes your life easier or not. If the app doesn’t work or it’s not for you, many other apps allow you to make calls from your PC.

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