How to Make Your iPad feel like a MacBook Easily

All apple lovers today are bound to carry an iPad in their hands. It is affordable, portable and makes working so much easier. However, not everyone is making the most out of the powerful devices in their hands. iPad isn’t a bigger iPhone or just another tablet, it is an extremely powerful device that can do a lot more. Your iPad can act a Macbook, saving a million in Indian rupees. Yes, your iPad can act both as a portable palmtop and a laptop, you just need to make a few changes. Learn How to Make Your iPad feel like a MacBook in a few easy steps.

1. Get Your Hardware Right

Humans will forever focus first on the external components, so you must get the physical aspects right for the transformation. To make Your iPad feel like a MacBook you will need the following devices:

  • A Keyboard 

It is a no brainer, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t do your research. A keyboard is essential to make Your iPad feel like a MacBook and Apple has some of the best options. Although, that doesn’t mean you jump to the first thing Apple has to offer. Also, the keyboards by the brand are compatible with selected devices. Hence, it is a good option for you to look for Bluetooth keyboards from other brands.

  • A Mouse

It would be a great option for you could buy a keyboard with a mouse and a stand. Although, it that doesn’t meat your utility, you can always purchase a mouse separately. As iPad is a touchscreen ad it can get tiresome to switch between the screen and the keyboard, so getting a Bluetooth mouse is a smart option.

  • A Stand

A keyboard with a stand is fine, but you can get super creative with your stand. Due to the increasing popularity of the iPad, there are a lot of options for a stand available in the market. You can go for a flexible stand or fixed one, it’s up to you. A stand comes handy even when you are not using your keyboard, so make sure you make a well-thought investment.

You can also get Lightning to USB-3 camera adaptor for your iPad to transfer photos from your camera. Apart from that, you can an additional webcam, trackpad or any other hardware device that you use along with your laptop.

Get you Software right

There is much to a Macbook than a keyboard and a mouse. The various features of a MacBook can to someway be replicated on your iPad in the following manner.

  • Window Management

Macbooks are known for their abilities to multitask. Thankfully, the newer versions of iPad allow you to multitask like a pro. To do that make sure that Split view is available and turned on your device. With a split view, you can drag a second app onto your screen. You can also use split view to get a small size preview of the second app on the screen.

  • Make the most of Gestures

You can cusstomise you customise that you are comfortable with white using a laptop to your ipad. If you already have a trackpad, this process becomes further easier. Just set the gestures in the settings menu settings to what you are comforatble with it feel like you are only using your Macbook.

  • Manage Cursor Settings

To use your mouse or trackpad with perfection on your device, you need to customise your hardware. To do that, go to Accessibilities in Settings and change the Touch settings. Now enable Assitivetouch on your device and now you can use your connected device. When you enable the setting, a cursor appears on the screen giving you a full Macbook experience. Now, you can go to pointer settings and customise how your cursor look.

  • Expand Memory

The last thing you need to consider when you Make Your iPad feel like a MacBook is a memory. The iPad doesn’t have the same amount of internal memory as a MacBook. You can get rid of this problem by purchasing an iCloud subscription. While it is the most viable option there are cheaper cloud alternative subscription-like Dropbox available in the market. 

Make Your iPad feel like a MacBook through the above-mentioned features and make the most out of the versatile device you own.

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