How to Mirror a Mac to an iPhone

Apple lets its users mirror iOS devices to a Mac computer. This feature is extremely useful when you want to quickly share what you are viewing on your iOS screen to a Mac computer. There are many instances where you find it necessary to mirror your screen on a Mac. Say you want to view something on a bigger screen than the small iOS screen or you want to view an app like keynote or photos from an iOS device on your computer. It is possible to mirror exactly what you see on your iOS device to Mac.

The ability to mirror an iOS device like iPhone, iPad to Mac is simply magical. Mirroring comes in handy when you are on an online webinar or when you want to record a movie on an iOS device to save it as a movie file on Mac.

Precisely mirroring very well lets you watch movies, demonstrate apps,play games,  host webinar ,or record a screencast on the big screen from your iOS device.There are two different ways to mirror an iOS device to a Mac. You can either use Mac’s QuickTime or use the third party app Reflector with Airplay. In this article we explain different ways on how to mirror a Mac to an iPhone. 

How to mirror a Mac to an iPhone

There are two different ways to mirror your iOS device like iPhone, iPad to Mac computer. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Using Mac’s QuickTime
  2. Using Reflector with Airplay

1.Using Mac’s QuickTime 

Setting up QuickTime for mirroring is easy.  However please note that it requires you to have a wired connection always between your Mac and iOS device. Here is how to use QuickTime to mirror your iOS device.   

  • First, connect your iOS device to Mac using the USB cable.
  • On your Mac, launch Quicktime Player app.
  • Go to File in the menu located at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select New Movie Recording from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on the down arrow option at the bottom next to the record button.
  • Under the Camera option, you will see your iOS device name listed. Choose your connected iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Under Microphone, make sure you have selected a  microphone of your choice.
  • Now Switch to your iOS device. Your iOS device is now fully mirrored to your Mac computer.

Meanwhile, you can record from your iPhone’s screen which can be saved in Mac. Here is how can do it.

  • Once your iOS and Mac devices are connected, Under the Quality option, pick one of the recording quality. Please note that setting the Quality to the maximum will produce uncompressed files at the cost of a large amount of storage space.
  • Now press the red record button on your Mac. To stop recording, hit the red record button again
  • Once done, go to Files and click Save to save the recordings. 

2.Using Reflector with Airplay

One of the advantages of using Reflector with Airplay is it allows to mirror your iOS device wirelessly with the Mac. Before proceeding, ensure your iOS device supports AirPlay.Here is how you can do it.

  • On your Mac, first, download the Reflector here.
  • Launch the Reflector program. The program doesn’t display anything. However, it resides in your dock until you connect your iOS device with Mac.
  • On your iOS device, open the Control centre by either swiping up or swiping down from the upper corner depending on your iOS device.
  • On your Control Center, Click AirPlay.
  • Select your Mac with which you want to mirror from the list and then toggle the switch on next to the option Mirroring to enable Mirroring.


In this article, we explained two different ways to mirror your iOS device with Mac. The Mac’s QuickTime player app is easy to set up but requires a wired connection between the Mac and iOS device. The Reflector is the wireless way of mirroring the two devices. The two techniques described here works really well when you want to show something on a Mac or just show what you are seeing on your device’s screen to save it on your Mac. 

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