How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Any Android Device?

Deleting your text messages is just one tap away. And when you have loads of messages stored on our device, you decide to get rid of them by deleting all the unwanted messages. Now, while making a selection of unwanted messages, you mistakenly select the message that is really important to you and you can’t imagine losing it. But now that you have selected the message unwaveringly, you tap on the delete button and your important message is gone for good.

Next time when you need that message and you try to search for it and obviously you don’t find it. And then you realize that you deleted it by mistake while emptying the message folder. But getting those messages back to life is actually possible with some unknown tricks. So if you really need your messages back, here are some tricks that you can follow.

Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android

Method 0: Asking From Sender

If the message was sent to you by your friend, family member, teacher, or any other known person, then it’s best to ask for the message again from that person. It’s the best and the fastest way to get back the message you are thriving for.

In a case where you think the message was sent to multiple people including you, then you can ask some other person to send you that message. But in the case where you need the message back which was sent to you by a large company or MNC, it’s not possible to ask them to send you that message again. In that case, this trick is a failure, so continue reading how you can revive their message.

Method 1: Using Google Backups

Google has a backup to all your important stuff like photos, contacts, and messages. So if you really want your messages back, you can take the help of Google. To check if your SMS’s are been backed up on Google, you just need to follow the steps given below.

1. Open Google Drive on your Android Phone. It’s a triangle-shaped icon with green, yellow, and blue color.

open google drive

2. Now tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner.

google drive hamburger icon

3. After that, go to Backups option from the list of various options.

backup option

4. Select the option which appears with your device name. Like in our case it appears by the name vivo 1819 backup.

device backup information

5. Now you will be able to see the date when your SMS were last backed up.

date of last backup

If your deleted message was received before the date of the last backup, then you will successfully be able to get back that message. In order to retrieve your deleted message, you need to have a new Android device and while setting up the new Android cell phone, you will be given an option to backup the previous data. Once you confirm restoring all the data backed up on your previous phone, you will get that data on your new phone, including the message that was deleted.

Method 2: Using Paid Recovery Software

Now suppose the SMS that you want to retrieve was not backed up on Google Drive, or you simply don’t have access to a new Android smartphone. But accessing that message is important, so what to do? Well, in that case, you can take the help of recovery software available in the market which easily get access to all the deleted stuff of your cell phone, including your deleted messages.

But everything is not as soothing as it sounds. After a normal checkup of your phone, if the app is able to get access to the deleted message, in that case, you will be suggested to root your Android phone. Moreover, these recovery apps are paid. So if you are really determined to get the deleted message back to life, you might have to spend some bucks.

Some of the best recovery software for your Android phone are as follow.

1. Tenorshare Android Recovery Software

2. dr.fone Recover

3. PhoneRescue for Android

4. FonePaw Android Data Recovery

5. iMyFone

Consider using any of these software for the successful recovery of the deleted messages on Android.

Final Words

So these were the hacks that you can follow to recover your deleted text messages on Android. Not just messages, these tricks can also be followed to get back the photos, videos, WhatsApp data, and many other things that you either lost or deleted by mistake.

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