How to secure Apple iPads for corporate use

As technology is taking over all domains of life, the society is witnessing an update from conventional methods to virtual platforms. Devices are becoming more robust in their performances, delivering fast and secure ways of accomplishing tasks on time. 

One such company that has revolutionized the technological realm through their constant development is Apple. Apple is striving to create compelling digital models that can overcome all technical barriers and provide users with the best digital experience. Their models create a hype in the market that is worth investing in because of their advanced outlook on technology. 

Along with digital advancements, Apple brainstorms ways of making lifestyle more convenient by introducing more features in their iPhones and iPads. These features will make the devices more user-friendly and reliable of using them in the professional fields. One such upgrade, under consideration, is from Macbook or PC to iPads.

iPad has a wide variety of security features that cater to the professional field’s needs and makes it a safe device in the workforce. If you lose your iPad, all your confidential documents will be compromised. iPads must be cautiously deployable within the company interfaces.

Let us look at the measures we can take to make iPads more secure for usage in the corporate sector.

Set a secure passcode

This is the most basic yet most important step. 

Open settings

Scroll down to General

Open Passcode Lock and choose Turn Passcode On

Choose your desired passcode configuration from alphanumeric, six-digit or four-digit by selecting Turn Simple Passcode Off

Enter your desired passcode

To make it more complicated, enable the number times passcode required under Required Passcode

To prevent numerous attempts, turn Erase Data on

Keep changing the passcode and configuration to provide more effective protection. 

Data Encryption

A simple passcode is not enough to protect your data from foreign intruders. This was the reason behind the introduction of Data Encryption that ensures the privacy of data at all times by making it unreadable without approved access. In the case of jailbreaking, your data will remain secure because to decrypt it; one needs to know the passcode. 

Data Protection only works for applications that use the Data Protection API. Most third-party apps don’t use Data Protection API; instead, they use the iPad’s primary encryption. However, with iOS 7, apps installed will come with Data Protection.

Find my iPad

In the unfortunate case of your iPad getting stolen or lost, you can track it down by using this feature. You can then lock the device or remove all data to your discretion. 

Go to Settings and open iCloud

Enter your Apple ID

Turn on Find My iPad

Press Allow to set up 

This will unlock access to other features like:

Lost Mode

That lets you lock your device, display custom messages, and track it when it’s connected to the internet

Sign in to iCloud and click Find my iPhone

Click All Devices and choose the one that is lost

Select Lost Mode or Lock 

Remote Erase

Erase data from your iPad having internet access. It will essentially reset your iPad and prevent from tracking it. 

Sign in to iCloud on a different Apple device

Go to Find My iPhone and click All Devices

Select the device you’re willing to erase and click Erase Device. You can’t reverse from this point on.

Activation Lock

It requires the knowledge of your Apple ID and password to disable your iPad, erase data, and restart the device. Only your contact number and custom message will appear on the screen.

Follow Lost Mode instructions and Set & confirm a passcode

Enter your number and type in a message for display

Virtual Data Rooms 

They are a secure way of providing limited access to confidential information in the corporate arena. It’s an online platform for exchanging and preserving highly private data.

It requires a separate login and password. It keeps data safe in the case of a stolen iPad.

It’s essential to keep the software up to date to guarantee a smooth operation. You can secure your iPad’s internet connection with a Virtual Private Network. These are the most credible measures to make your iPad corporate ready and for you to embark on a journey of exploring possibilities.

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