How to Set an Alarm for Sunrise on Sunset on the iPhone

The movie world is great right? The action, the love, the suspense and the happy ever after, well mostly. All of us want to be in a movie when I say that I do not mean star in it but actually live the life of a movie character. As their life seems almost perfect with that flawless skin, an answer to the biggest problem and most importantly rising with the first ray of sunlight. We are all guilty of wanting to wake up with the sun, but that rarely happens. Even with our window curtains wide open we prevent getting up by making our blanket come to our rescue. Well, now we can say goodbye to that and hello to the sun with the help of our iPhones. Let’s find out how to set an alarm for sunrise on sunset on the iPhone.

Check if your iPhone is Updated

It is important to know that you can only set an alarm for sunrise on sunset on the iPhone if you have an iOS version of 13 or higher. So, if you haven’t already updated your iPhone, do it now. 

Find Shortcuts

On your iPhone, do a little search among the apps to locate ‘Shortcuts’. If you are anything like me, you won’t be able to locate it among the huge number of apps on your phone. Also, if you haven’t used it before you won’t be able to locate it anyway. So, either head to the App Library which is the last page you’ll discover when you keep on swiping left or downwards your phone. A better way would be to just swipe right on your device and search for shortcuts on the search bar. Click on Shortcuts and get one step closer to waking up with the sun.

Choose Automation

Once you click on Shortcuts, you’ll see all Shortcuts under the my shortcuts section. Here, you’ll find suggestions for creating new shortcuts. Some of them are really cool, so refer back to this section after you are done with the task at hand. So, look at the bottom of the app where you’ll find a task bar. In the middle of which you’ll ses ‘Automation’, click on it.

Click on Personal Automation 

If this is your first time on the Shortcuts app, then you’ll find the ‘Personal Automation’ option right there on your screen as soon as you click Automation. Choose the option and get to the next step. If you have created a shortcut before, first click on the + sign in the Automation page. Then choose Personal Automation and get directed to a list.

Tap on Time of the Day

On choosing Personal Automation you’ll find a list of Automations available to you by iOS. As I said it before, check them out after you finish setting an alarm for sunrise. So, the first option on the list would be ‘Time of the Day’, click on it.

Choose the Sunrise Option

Now, you’ll see three options to choose from. The first is Time of day, which will be selected by default, the second is Sunrise and third Sunset. You can click on ‘Sunrise’ to get directed to the next page, if you are looking for an alarm for sunset, click on ‘Sunset’ option instead. The next steps are the same for both anyway.

At Sunrise

Not surprisingly, you will now find another list. This list will have options from 4 hours before Sunrise to 4 hours after sunrise. Sitting in the middle of the 15 options, is at sunset. As our aim is to have a dramatic waking up experience like in the movies, select ‘At Sunrise’. You can also choose 15 minutes before sunrise if you take time to get up. After you are finished with your selection, click on ‘Done’ at the right topmost corner.

Choose the duration and Action

Select the ‘Daily’ option at the bottom and click on ‘Next’ found at the top.You can choose for Weekly and Monthly as well. After you press Next you will be directed to the Action Page. Click on ‘Add Action’ and you’ll find the various actions you can make your iPhone perform at Sunrise. Thankfully, the overwhelming collection has a search bar.

Set an Alarm

You can search for two things in the Search bar. Either search for Clock/Alarm and check on ‘Create Alarm’ > Next > Done. If you don’t want to create multiple alarms in your phone as the time of sunrise keep changing, go for option two. 

Search for Timer in the Actions Search tap, set a timer for 1 second and then press Next then Done. This way you’ll have an alarm without an Alarm.

That’s it, now you know how to set an alarm for sunrise on sunset on the iPhone. Good Morning.

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