How to Speed Up an Old and Slow iPhone or iPad

Everyone likes a swift device on their palms, but not everyone can afford to buy a new device every year. This is especially true for the iPhone and iPad users. Apple comes up with new versions of its devices every year and as tempting as it may sound. Buying a new iPhone every year just for the sake of speed is not the ideal option, even for the hardcore Apple fans. Just because you cannot afford to buy a new faster device. Doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the slow speed that your old iOS device provides. Though most people suggest restoring all settings on the phone, I have something simpler. I will give you some life-changing hacks on how to speed up an old and slow iPhone or iPad without any extreme measures.

1. Restart your Phone

The oldest trick in the books of Windows devices can work just as well for ios users. Restarting your phone doesn’t sound like a smart option, but it can work wonders sometimes. Before disparaging this trick and taking any complicated step, just give it a shot. You know sometimes the easiest things do the trick.

2. Disable Background App Refreshes 

This trick personally saved my iPhone. Background app refreshes not only hover your battery and mobile data but also slow down your device. Thankfully, they can be disabled easily saving you a lot of money. The only setback to this is that you need to physically open an app to find out what’s happening, but it is worth it. 

To disable background refresh:-

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Select Background App Refresh
  4. Now you can either disable it for all the apps by one slide in the top or manually do it for selected apps.

3. Disable Eye Candy Settings

Graphics can also slow down old iOs devices. To speed up old and slow iPhone or iPad, one trick is to disable such graphic settings. Disabling these settings works like a charm without affecting your device experience and charm.

To disable the eye candy setting:-

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Accessibility.
  3. Look for Display and Text and Motion separately.
  4. Now you’ll find two groups of settings, increased contrast and reduced motion.
  5. From these two options, you can reduce transparency and reduce motion settings respectively.

4. Get Rid of Siri Suggestions

As tempting as Siri suggestions sounds, they are affecting the speed of your ios device. The practical thing is to shut them down, it shouldn’t be a problem as we mostly end up ignoring them anyway.

To perform this function, you need to:-

  1. Open settings.
  2. Tap on the ‘Siri and Search’ option.
  3. Now, just like background app refreshes, you can either disable it for all the apps by one slide in the top or manually do it for selected apps.

5. Delete and Free Up Space

You should never overload your Apple device, but if somehow you have made this mistake it is time to rectify the same. There are a lot of things you can delete on your phone to free up space, the first option is, of course, mobile apps.

To free up space used by mobile apps:

  1. Select ‘General’ in Setting.
  2. Click on Storage.
  3. You will get the exact data on your phone storage and the apps that use the most memory.
  4. Now, you have two options.
  • First is that you can delete an app right away.
  • Second is offloading the app- what this feature does is that it deletes the app but keeps the data related to the app stored in the device. So, if you install the app again, you already have your old data to fall back on.

Other than apps, you can also delete the following items to free up space

  • Useless photos and videos in your gallery to free up some space or you could just transfer these files to you PC and delete them from your phone.
  • Media from WhatsApp contacts and groups.
  • iBooks and stuff in Pages.
  • The thousands of messages in your iMessage that you have never deleted ever.

You need to delete all of the above files manually.

So, these were the five tips you can use to speed up old and slow iPhone or iPad. I am sure that after executing one or more of these, you will notice visible differences in your device’s performance. However, there are chances that all of these tips combined don’t help you. In that case, you have to go to extreme measures, as your device might need it.

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