How to Switch From Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do

The Microsoft To Do logo over a Wunderlist logo

Microsoft is shutting down Wunderlist on May 6, 2020. If you’re nonetheless the use of this once-popular process control utility, it’s time to transfer. Microsoft bought Wunderlist, and the Wunderlist workforce is now running on Microsoft To Do. But that’s no longer the best choice.

You Have Until June 30 to Import Tasks

The "importing tasks from Wunderlist" message in Microsoft To Do

While Wunderlist is shutting down on May 6, 2020, Microsoft says it is going to proceed letting folks import information from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do for some time longer.

A weblog submit from Wunderlist at the beginning stated the migration function will handiest be to be had “for a time period” after the shutdown of Wunderlist. Now, it looks as if you have got till June 30, 2020, to import your information. After that point, it is going to most probably be deleted from Wunderlist’s servers.

How to Migrate Tasks to Microsoft To Do

The means of switching and uploading your to-do lists from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do is beautiful easy.

First, head to the Microsoft To Do site. Ensure you’re signed in with the Microsoft account you wish to have to import your Wunderlist duties to.

Click at the tools icon on the top-right nook of the window, then click on “Import.”

How to import Wunderlist data into Microsoft To Do on the web

You’ll be caused to check in together with your Wunderlist account main points.

Next, Microsoft To Do will display you what it’s uploading. If the entirety appears to be like correct, click on “Import” to proceed.

The Wunderlist Import confirmation prompt in Microsoft To Do

If you click on the tools icon on the top-right nook once more and click on “Import Summary,” you’ll see extra details about how the import was once treated.

Items within the Wunderlist Inbox turn into duties within the “Tasks” record. Subtasks turn into “Steps.” Starred pieces turn into “Important” pieces. Folders turn into “Groups.”

Alternatives to Microsoft To Do

If you like Wunderlist, Microsoft To Do is most certainly the nearest choice—in the end, it’s made by way of the similar workforce.

However, it’s no longer the best choice. Our sister website Review Geek has run down the most efficient replacements for Wunderlist, together with Todoist,, Google Keep, Habitica, and Remember the Milk.

If you’re into Apple’s ecosystem products and services, the Reminders app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is an easy-to-use choice that syncs by means of iCloud.

If you favor Google products and services, you’ll be able to additionally check out the brand new Google Tasks utility, to be had in Gmail, Google Calendar, and within the Google Tasks app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Some products and services—like Todoist—can import from Wunderlist. However, you’ll most probably want to carry out the import procedure ahead of Wunderlist shuts down on May 6. It’s time to transfer.

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