How to transfer Google Play Music account to YouTube Music

Google Play Music is soon going to face closure which implies you might want to honour the transition to Google’s only Streaming service available that is YouTube Music. No doubt it is going to be a tough transition for all the Google Play music fans but failing to do so means you might lose access to all your audio content forever. As the doomsday is in sight for Google Play Music, it is imperative to keep all your purchased songs, playlists, albums, preferences, stations and subscriptions intact from your Google Play Music library.

The transition to the new service is pretty easy and its only a question of a single button on your YouTube Music app. Once you switch your account to the new service you can access all your audio content with just a few clicks. You can transfer your music library on your iPhone, Android as well as the web browser. In this article, we explain in detail how to transfer Google Play Music to Youtube music.

Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube music using a Web browser

  • On your computer, launch the browser and head over to YouTube Music.
  • Click on your Profile and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube music using a Web browser
  • Click Transfer from Google Play Music button on the left side of the page.
Transfer from Google Play Music
  • Once you initiate the transfer it might take a few hours or days to complete the transition process depending on the size of your audio content. 
  • Once the Transition is complete you will receive an email notification.

It is worth noting that while transferring your music library some subscription content might not be transferred to youTube music if it is not available. After the transition,  You can convert your Google pay subscription to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership depending on your needs. If you are already using YouTube Music music libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube music will not duplicate your contents. Your audio lists will be systematically combined with the YouTube Music list. 

If you listen to podcasts, please note that YouTube music doesn’t support the podcast format. However, if you used Play Music to listen to podcasts, you can use Google Podcasts. After the transition, you can transfer your podcast subscriptions and episode progress to Goggle Podcasts here. If you have multiple accounts, you need to transfer the podcast subscriptions and episodes progress separately for each account. 

Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube music using Android or iPhone

  • On your smartphone install the latest version of  YouTube Music app either from Google Play Store or App Store if you are using iOS.
  • Launch the YouTube Music app and you will see a popup message on your home screen Google Play Music is going away. 
  • Tap the Let’s go button and you will see a screen showing you the order in which your audio contents will be moved.
  • Now Tap Transfer button and a message will pop up telling you that the transition is in process. You can select Explore Music to continue listening on YouTube Music during the transfer. You can check the progress from the banner on the app. 
  • Once the transfer is complete you will receive a notification on the app as well as email.

After transfer, you can still continue using Google Play Music. Google hasn’t announced the exact date when Google Play Music will be shut down completely for use. But  All we know is that it is soon going to end probably at the end of this year. If you wish to continue using Google Play Music, Google allows you to sync your music libraries as often as you want. To synch libraries go to your profile on your YouTube Music and tap Settings. Now tap transfer from Google Play Music. As mentioned earlier you can synch libraries both on a mobile app as well as your web browser. 


Google Play Music is soon going to shut down probably at the end of this year. To avoid losing your data forever, you can transfer your music library to YouTube Music with just a single tap. Even after migration, you can continue using Music Play. Get familiar with the new streaming service before its completely replaced. 

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