How to Turn Off Sticky Keys and Do they Have a Use

If the title enticed you to read this article, chances are that you are annoyed by the function. The annoying notification must have bothered you, as much as it bothers me. Like, it appears out of nowhere and makes a sound that cannot be ignored. The worst situation for a Stickey Keys notification is when you are watching something and your entire mood is spoiled because of the notification. I don’t only aim to establish the annoyance of Sticky Keys, Ill also help you deal with it. Let us explore How to Turn Off Sticky Keys, but before jumping into that find out its use.

What is the use of Sticky Keys?

Contrary to what you might think, sticky keys is not a way for your keyboard to punish you for being sloppy. It is used by people who have slow motor skills. Unlike many of us, who have no problem in simultaneously pressing two keys on the keyboard. Some users struggle with performing this function. Which means a hard time typing as they cannot press the ‘Shift Key’ for capitalization at the beginning of every sentence. Also, using the Shift key for various other symbols on the keyboard and many of the keyboard shortcuts become impossible without pressing two keys simultaneously.

This is where sticky keys come in the picture. It helps people who cannot press two keys simultaneously by pretending that they are. When the feature is enabled on the keyboard, the computer acts like the key is stuck down even when you have let it go. Simply, with sticky this aid, you can press a key, say “Shift” then leave and go to the other alphabet and it will be capital. It lets go of the need to hold two buttons simultaneously, assisting people with slow motor skills. The name sticky comes from its function of sticking keys down.

The Importance of Shift

The Shift key is the most widely used key when using Sticky Keys. It can behave in three different ways while the mode is on. The sound that is made when the Shift key is pressed also acts as an indication that the feature is on. Pressing the shift key is the ideal method to check if is turned on or off. The three different settings for the shift key are as follows:

  • Shift key can act as if it is not pressed.
  • It can act as if it is held down for using a series of keys in a row.
  • It can acts sticky only for the first letter of the sentence or one symbol at a time.

So, even if you don’t have slow motor skills, but you prefer any of the above settings. You can use the feature for your convenience. If you still only wish to get rid of the annoyance associated with the feature, your wait is over.

How to Turn Off Sticky Keys?

Now, that you are well aware of the function of sticky keys and don’t find it fruitful for your use. It is time for you to learn the various ways in which you can turn it off. In order to turn it off on your keyboard, go for:

The first method is rather easy and also the reason why you get the annoying notification. If you weren’t aware, the sticky notes pop up comes when you press shift key five times in a row. To get rid of the notification, press the shift key five times. Which will pop open the notification yet again, which asks you if you ‘Do you want to turn on Sticky keys. Instead of simply selecting “No” yet again, select Disable this keyboard shortcut in Ease of Access keyboard settings at the bottom of the pop-up. This will remove the keyboard shortcut preventing unwanted notifications when you accidentally press the shift key.

Another method to prevent the notification from bothering you starts from the Start menu. Simply search for ‘Sticky keys’ in the start menu sear bar and select the option that says Lock the Sticky Keys modifier when it’s pressed twice in a row.

Both these options take you to Ease of Access Section where you can make changes in your keyboard. Make sure that in this section you go to sticky keys and turn the toggle OFF. Also, uncheck the option that says  ‘Allow the shortcut key to start Sticky Keys’. You are done, no more annoying Sticky Keys Pop up.

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