iPhone Home Screen Widgets that You Need on Your Phone

The new iOS update has truly made the Home screen of all our iPhones stunning. There is a lot to explore on the new update and widgets is something you can’t miss out on. Widgets not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your home screen but also improves your productivity. The iOS 14 allows us to customise our iPhone Home Screen widgets and we must do that with the right apps. Out of the sea of widgets available on your iPhone. I have selected a few that will surely come handy to you. So, let’s dive into the world of the best iPhone Home Screen Widgets.

1. Reminders

The most useful app on the iPhone for people like me who can’t remember a thing. Setting a reminder is a lot more with the reminder widget and by fun, I mean on your face. With all your reminders on your home screen, the probability of you missing out on any of your due tasks is almost zero. You can choose different sizes for your widget app according to your need.

2. Headspace

We tend to get lost in productivity and lose our touch with our mental health. This is where headspace becomes the perfect widget for your home screen. The widget will ensure that you take time off of the 100 things you do in a day to pause and reflect. The Headspace widget will display different things during a different time of the day, like Wake- Up meditation in the morning and Sound sleep ones in the evening. It is a widget that’ll protect you from the adverse effects of other widgets.


If you want your home screen to feel like home, then Widgetsmith is one widget that you must try. This widget lets you create your custom widgets allowing you complete control over the look and accessibility of your home screen. You can create custom widgets for dates, photos, texts, weather or activity. You can create your widgets that way you wish to and sort everything as per your convenience through Widgetsmith.

4. Smart Stack

A widget that has photos, calendars, reminders, Siri suggestions, music at one place. The feature that makes the widget one of the best iPhone Home Screen Widgets would be showing information based on your phone usage. For example, if you listen to music at a particular time of your day, the app will make sure that you have it on your screen. The Smart Stack is truly smart and makes your iPhone experience incredibly smooth. You can also do some customisation in the widget and ensure that your favourite apps are always visible first on the widget.

5. Fitness

If your physical well being is something you don’t take lightly, then the fitness widget is perfect for you. The widget shows you everything you wish to know about your activities, right there on your home screen. Which means doing away with the need to check the Health app after every lap you take. You will always know how far away you are from your fitness goal with all the data right in front of you. Now, instead of spending an hour on Instagram after unlocking your phone, you will be spending it on working out.

6. Shortcut

A widget that allows you to get things done by a tap. You can do a lot with shortcuts widget, like posting tweets, downloading videos, sending texts and pretty much all you wish to do. The widget will surely save your time, and all you have to do is select. Just select the activities that you use the most on your device, add them to your shortcut widget and never look back in doing your favourite tasks any other way.

7. Sticky Notes

This is an absolute no brainer. You can always keep a track of your notes, and note everything you track through this widget. It is a free widget that can be downloaded easily. If you are someone you have to note down things often and don’t wish to hunt down a pen or your notes app every time. So, get the Sticky Notes widget and have a notepad at your disposal always.

What are you waiting here for, make the most out of your ios14 with these incredibly useful iPhone Home Screen Widget?

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