iPhone Overheating? Here Is How To Fix It

Is overheating iPhone your major concern? This article explains the common cause of iPhone overheating and what actions you can take to cool down your device. 

Why is my iPhone overheating?

Have you just finished playing a graphic-intensive game or Did you just stream a high-quality video on your iPhone? Well, such intensive tasks like streaming video, playing games or even using an iPhone camera for a long time can cause your phone’s battery to work harder than usual leading to overheating. 

Throughout the day we use our iPhone to do various activities and it’s quite normal for your iPhone to get warmer during such prolonged usages. However, there are some high ambient temperature activities that can change the performance of your device. For instance, your iPhone may get too warm if you are running too many apps in the background or you have exposed your device under the sun for a long period. 

That being said, if your device gets too warm or if your phone signals temperature warning message then its time to take measures to cool down your device. Left untreated, can harm your device’s battery eventually leading to iPhone damage. 

Fix: iPhone overheating 

iPhone overheating may have serious consequences on the device’s behaviour.  Following steps outlines some tips and tricks to cool down your iPhone. 

Keep your iPhone away from direct Sunlight

Exposing your iPhone to direct sunlight can overheat your device especially if your running apps that consume lots of processing power. If your iPhone warns you with the overheating message iPhone need to cool down before you can use or if it feels unbearably hot to hold, probably its time to keep your device under a cooler and sheltered environment. Let your iPhone cool down gradually on its own before you start using it again. That said, We recommend avoiding the use of phone under the direct sun to prevent future damages.

Check your iPhone Charger

Make sure you are using an undamaged and an original charger to power your iPhone. An unofficial Apple charger can cause your iPhone to overheat. If your iPhone heats up while charging, avoid using that cable straight away. 

Turn off Background App Refresh

Turn off Background App Refresh

As the name suggests, Background App refresh periodically runs apps in the background so that its content is always up to date. This feature ensures you are updated with the newest content as soon as you open the apps. For instance, the apps like news app and social media app update their content frequently even when you are not around. While this feature seems useful, prolonged use can take a toll on your iPhone’s battery. If your iPhone starts to overheat turn off the Background refresh and let your device cool on its own. We recommend turning off this feature for some time in a day to prevent any future damages Here is how to do it 

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General >Background App Refresh. Toggle the switch to off. Once your iPhone cools down you can turn it on again.  

Switch off Personal Hotspot 

Switch off Personal Hotspot

When your iPhone gets too warm make sure to turn off the personal hotspot. Sharing internet with other devices consumes a lot of battery causing your iPhone to overheat. To Switch off Personal Hotspot, open Settings > Personal Hotspot. Toggle the switch to off to disable sharing internet with others.

Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth 

Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth

Do you keep your WiFi and Bluetooth option always turned on? If so, this can cause your iPhone to overheat. When you turn on WiFi and Bluetooth, your iPhone constantly searches for devices to connect even when you are not around leading to overheating. To turn off Swipe up your iPhone screen and Open Control centre> Tap on WiFi and Bluetooth icons to turn off both   

Switch off Location Services

Switch off Location Services

The Location Service tracks the location of your device all the time using GPS, Bluetooth and crowdsourced WiFi hotspots to provide location-based services. Also your iPhone Apps like Maps, Facebook, Camera and others use this feature to access your current location. If your iPhone is getting hot consider turning it off.  To Turn Off this feature Navigate to Settings > Privacy> Location Services. You can turn on the feature once the device cools down 

Close All the background Apps

Close All the background Apps

Keeping too many apps open on your iPhone may cause your device to change performance. To see how many apps are open on your device swipe up from the middle of the home screen. If you are using Phone 8 or earlier double click home screen Button. To close apps swipe up on the app’s preview. 

Ensure you haven’t opened too many tabs in Safari

Ensure you haven’t opened too many tabs in Safari

Keeping too many tabs opened on Safari might cause the iPhone to overheat. To close all tabs on iPhone Open Safari and long press tabs icon at the bottom of the browser app. Select close all tabs from the menu.  

Reset All Settings 

Reset All Settings

Soft Reset is a handy way to resolve problems when your iPhone behaves erratically. Resetting all the settings like location, privacy etc may possibly help when your iPhone overheats. To reset your iPhone Open Settings >General>Reset > Reset All Settings. 

Check the app usage

Check the app usage

An overheating iPhone may be attributed to a single app consuming a lot of  RAM, CPU and GPU. For instance app like Facebook can consume a lot of space, eating too much processing power. To check the app usage Navigate to Settings > General> iPhone Storage. Briefly look at how much space is consumed by your apps. Possibly the apps that consume the highest space is the culprit. Consider removing such apps or offload app to save the space.

Check for iOS update 

Check for iOS update

Keeping your iOS software up to date will help you fix many issues. If your iPhone overheats check if any updates are available. Open Settings > General > Software Update.

Check for faulty Battery

If the above steps didn’t help and the issue still persists probably a  faulty battery is to be blamed. Replacing the battery should help in such case. Consider seeking help from an authorized Apple service provider to resolve the issue.

That’s all.

For more tips, check out What to do when your iPhone won’t start up or is frozen.

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