Learning Apps for Adults which can Change your Life

To learn is to grow and it shouldn’t stop as soon as you finish college. Learning has no age and it certainly shouldn’t stop when you attain a certain age. Adults need to learn new things as much as kids do for the development and smooth functioning of their cognitive abilities. Though adults indeed get less time to learn, thankfully, technology has come to the rescue. For adults, willing to learn and enrich their skills there are various apps available. It doesn’t matter what you wish to learn, you could do it at the comfort of your home. All you need is one among the following top learning apps for adults.

1. TED

Yes, the same TED that has got you hooked on Youtube. The application is available on both ios and android platforms and features practical information related to every topic. TED aims to inspire you while feeding your curiosity. It is one of the best learning apps that features ted radio hour and a huge variety of videos with subtitles in 100+ languages.

2. Skillshare

With hundreds of free lessons available for a huge number of activities, Skillshare is an ideal app to broaden your skillset. You can quench your thirst for creativity through the variety of courses available on this app. The courses cover simple topics like drawing and painting, to high skills ones like graphic designing and Entrepreneurship. You can avail a paid version to get the most out of Skillshare.

3. Lumosity

Considered as one of the best free learning apps, Lumosity unusually trains the mind. It can help adults with their attention, by increasing the presence of mind of the user. The app features lots of games to help users keep their mind active, in this social media influenced the lazy world. Lumosity challenges your cognitive skills and helps your mind functions.

4. Blinkist

If you wish to learn a lot of content in a lot less time, then Blinkist is perfect for you. The app features more than 2500 best selling non-fiction books. Which you can learn at the speed of 15 minutes per book. The huge collection of books on Blinkist involves everything from books on philosophy to business. The new way of reading books can teach you a whole lot more in less amount of time.

5. Tynker

There’s no age to learn something new, even if the new thing is coding. Tynker is an app that helps you understand coding from the beginning. It is designed for kids but is equally beneficial for adults who are beginning their journey in the world of coding. Learn how to code via this interactive platform and use your newly acquired skill to change the world.

6. Coursera

If I have to personally vouch for a learning app for adults, it would be Coursera. The platform has courses from the top universities of the world. Coursera offers Specializations and Certificate courses in all streams of Education. Making it one of the most useful learning apps for adults. The certificates are made available after paying a small fee, but you can always audit an entire course free of cost.

7. Duolingo 

How can one talk about the top learning apps for adults without mentioning the app that has changed the lives of numerous individuals? The famous language learning app helps the user learn a second language easily and interestingly. Duolingo focuses not only on cramping up words but their pronunciation, spelling, accent and right usage. You can learn any language in the world by making use of this fun app.

8. Ed X

If you are looking for professional certificate courses from the best Universities in the World, then go for Ed X. You will find comprehensive courses on all subjects on this app. The courses are not only good for your knowledge but excellent for career enhancement. Also, the certificate will surely glorify your Resume. The courses are available at a small cost, but you can try a course for free before enrolling.

Though, various other apps help users learn. These are the best learning apps for adults in my opinion. Saying that if you wish to learn about something in particular, like the periodic table there are topic-specific apps, you can go for the Nova Elements app. Likewise, you can find apps for specific topics you wish to learn. If you don’t, drop a comment below and we will help you.

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