Netflix Shows to Watch on Your Next Virtual Date

Virtual dates are the new normal these days. In 2020 going on a date at a fancy restaurant is no longer the ideal option, but that doesn’t mean that you say bye to your beau. Technology saved the day and many relationships by innovative virtual dates. Now virtual dates aren’t only about seeing each other but about engaging, in form of virtual games, jamming, creating art together etc. The most preferred ones though remain to be virtual Netflix date. I mean couples and Netflix and chill go hand in hand after all. If you think you have watched all that Netflix has to offer, then you are wrong. I have a list of 10 spectacular Netflix shows for your next virtual date.

1. Jane the Virgin

 Let us be honest, nothing is happening these days. To compensate for all the drama you are missing out on, you can binge on the most dramatic show on Netflix ever. It is not the sad kind of drama like Grey’s Anatomy, but a rather relaxing one.

2. Lucifer

Get the best of crime, supernatural and romance at the same place. Lucifer is one of the best show you can binge on, especially with a loved one. The story of the devil falling in love is indeed super romantic to watch with your partner.

3. Dark

I mean you probably have watched it already. But if you haven’t you can’t miss out on a chance to have an intellectual discussion with your date after watching this show. The sci-fi drama will take your breath away.

4. Too hot to handle

This show is pure entertainment. If you wish your virtual date to be full of fun and just help you relax, you have found the show. You won’t even know when the show started and came to an end, it’s that light. I mean a show with hot wich people on the beach making bad choices has to be that way.

5. Indian Matchmaking

This show will surely make you appreciate your partner more. You will love your partner more after reeling how he or she is saving you from the terrible stress of arrange marriage. Also, the show is low key fun to watch.

6. Glee

The show has my heart and is absolutely perfect for a virtual date, only if you both are a fan of music. This musical drama will take you back to the back to the good old school days. If you want to make your girlfriend glee then this is your go-to show to take her back to the high school musical days.

7. The Big Bang Theory

The longest-running sitcom is something everyone will love. This show is certainly one of the best options if you and your partner have different tastes. You’ll both fall in love with the show no matter what. 

8. Peaky Blinders

If you and your date are tired of modern age shows. Take a trip to the ’20s by watching this period drama, which will surprisingly seem really relatable. The characters ad their complexities will surely make you and your partner have some meaningful conversations after.

9. Little Things

If you and your partner love cute shoes, then I am sure you would love this show. Give your virtual dates a sweet touch by binging on a cute Indian show about a couple in Mumbai. It is not only heartfelt but funny and emotional at the same time.

10. Dark Desires

The name says it all, this is the kind of show that you’ll only like to watch with your partner. The Mexican triller is in one word a ‘sexy’ show. I mean if you think 365 days was nice, wait till you and your lover binge on this.

Virtual dates that involve bingeing the best shows on Netflix, can’t go wrong. So, get ready to fall in love yet again this quarantine with the help of your wisest friend. These 10 shows will surely make the idea of the new Netflix and chill more fun. What are you still waiting here for? Send this to your partner and select the first show you guys wish to binge on, I am serious go!

Don’t forget to come back and thank me later though. 

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