Productive features of iPhone that you need to make use of

We always seem to have our phones in our hand. Whether we are travelling and capturing or beginning and texting, we are using our phones. With so much time spent on our iPhones doing a ton of things, we forget to look for the most productive way to do things. iPhones were designed to save our time and not waste it and it is time we realise that. To do that we have to make use of all the incredible features that this apple product has to offer. Doing which will enable us to do more on our phones in less time, saving us hundreds of unproductive hours spent on our iPhones. The new ios14 update has made the iPhone even more productive. So, let us find out the old and the new productive features of iPhone that you need to make use:

1. Widgets on Screen

The latest ios update allows iPhone users to put their widgets on the screen. This feature will save your time looking through widget drawers trying to find the one thing you need. You can easily pin your favourite widgets on your screen and find them easily.

2. New iMessages

There has also been significant improvement in the messaging app in the recent ios update. Now, you can do a lot more with the app with a lot less effort. You can pin conversations to the top of the page to find them easily. Also, there are tons of improvements in the group chat feature. Like the option to tag individual recipients, create threaded replies in a group chat, and set notifications just for you to alert you when someone has tagged you.

3. App Clips

This is the best among the new productive features of the iPhone. App clips allow you to access lite versions of an app without downloading it. All you have to do is scan Apple’s QR code provided and you are all set. With this feature, you won’t need to possess a separate app for all you have to do on your iPhone.

4. App Library

With ios14, iPhone users will finally have an App Library for apps they use occasionally. You will have all the apps on your phone right there on your home screen, may get overwhelming. With this feature, you can store your less-used apps in the library making it easy for you to make use of the more occasional apps easily.

5.  Keep notes handy

I said I’ll bring you the most productive features and I am keeping my word. This feature has been available to Apple users for years, but not everyone makes use of it. If you find notes app to be super helpful and want to make it accessible, this one is for you. To do this, go to settings, select Control Center then Customize Controls. Lastly, make sure that Notes is listed in the “Include” section. This will bring your notes to the slide-up menu near to torch and screen recording. You can use this process to add other frequently used features like alarm and wallet.

6. Text Replacement

If I could get a penny for every time Text replacement has saved my time, I would be a millionaire. As most of us use a limited vocabulary on our phones, we can set shortcuts for the words we know we’ll use. To do this, go to Settings and select General followed by Keyboards and then Text Replacement. Now, tap the + button to add as many shortcuts you want. I am so dependent on this feature, that I can’t even wish someone Happy Birthday without it.

7. Dictionaries

If you are learning a new language, this feature will be of extreme benefit to you. There are lots of dictionaries available on your phone and if you aren’t using them you are missing out. To compliment your Duolingo course go to Settings then General and finally Dictionary. Now you can tap on any dictionary you want from a comprehensive list.

8. Dictation and Trackpad

To get the most out of your iPhone keyboard, you must experience this feature. As the name states dictation allows you to dictate to the keyboard what you wish to write. Typing without typing, sounds like a dream, right? This can be done by pressing the microphone icon on your keyboard. To turn your keyboard into a mouse, just long-press the spacebar and have the computer experience on your iPhone.

I hope these productive features of the iPhone save you a lot of time and you end up spending the excess time wisely or not. Just make the most of what your iPhone has to offer and brace yourself for the next one.

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