Snapchat streak Made Easy for Beginners with the Best Tips

Snapchat streak won’t help you with all your life problems, but will surely give you a strange sense of accomplishment. Unlike streaks on yoga apps, Snapchat streaks don’t suggest productivity. They suggest the opposite, but who cares after all our generation desperately needs recreation even if it is in the way of streaks. If you are a complete newbie and have no idea of what a Snapchat streak is, let me give you a brief introduction. Snapchat streak means you have exchanged snaps with another user at least once every 24 hours for several consecutive days. The number of snap streak signifies the number of days.

If you are serious about maintaining long streaks we have can help. So, the 7 hottest Snapchat streak tips for beginners are:-

1. Find a Motivated Partner

Though most people use Snapchat regularly, not everyone sends a picture. As Snapchat streak only counts the exchange of freshly clicked images and videos, Find partner or partners who already send you one or two snaps a day, making the streak easy to maintain. It is not hard to find partners for a streak, many people are constantly looking out for more streaks. If you want to find prospective partners, just send a snap with Snapchat streak sticker. This is truly the answer to how to get a Snapchat streak fast, as positive replies are guaranteed.

2. Send Simple Pictures

You don’t have to pressurise yourself into clicking amazing pictures for your streak. Any snap work, even if it is a blank screen. Though, sending a black screen with a streak emoji is not preferable every day as people get annoyed. You can instead send weird selfies and pictures Snapstreak merely means you have exchanged snaps with another user at least once every 24 hours for several consecutive days of daily activities. Nobody is gonna judge your photography skills, so keep it simple. 

3. A fixed Schedule for Streak

You don’t have to make a rigid schedule for sending snaps to your pals. You just need to fix a range of time, when you’ll be sending the snap everyday. This is important because if you sent a snap yesterday morning and send another tonight, you might go above 24 hours and lose the streak. So, fix a time, you can set a range which is comfortable for you. Like sending snaps in the evening makes sense as we tend to use our phone frequently.

4. Stick to a Quality over Quantity in the beginning

If you are just starting with Snapchat streaks, keep the number of participants less. The more streaks you have, the harder they’ll be to manage. So, when you are starting streak stick to 20-25 partners and once you get comfortable, go for more. I strongly suggest this as I lost a 1000 day snap streak just because it got lost in the 100 streaks I gas running. 

5. Always check the entire friendslist for the streak emoji

When we get comfortable with streaks we tend to become laid back. One of the problems with snap steak is then at first you’ll get excited and overcommit and then that’ll create problems. If you fail to maintain less number of streaks initially, then check all friends. What I mean by this is that while sending snaps scroll down from best friends and recent all the ways to the entire friend list. This will make sure that you don’t miss any Snapchat streak.

6. Don’t give up if a streak is gone

Probably the most important tip to maintain Snapchat streak is to report as soon as a streak is lost. Most often we realise if a big streak is lost and we can get it back by reporting the same to Snapchat. So, the next time you lose a streak, don’t give up and complain. The Snapchat streak comes back in 24 hours.

7. Don’t suck the fun out of Snapchat Streak

Starting a Snapchat streak is simple but maintaining it gets tough. So, just make sure to not see it as a responsibility but a fun way to stay connected to your friends. Whenever you see something that might interest your friend, get your phone out and hit send. Sending more than one snap is not wrong as long as you have fun.

Now, you have enough idea on how to start a snap streak and maintain it. Just follow these simple tips and have fun weird achievement. Just remember that group chats, texts, stories sharing don’t count as sending snaps. You have to capture an image or video. 

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