The 10 Best Google Keep Extensions For Chrome And Firefox

Google Keep is an amazing service of Google that help you in making notes. It makes our daily life easy with its impressive tools. But with additional extensions of Google Keep for Chrome and Firefox, you can make this tool even more amazing. So let’s see some best Google Keep extensions for Chrome and Firefox that you can easily find and use to make your daily work effortless.

10 Best Google Keep Extensions In 2020 For Chrome And Firefox

1. Create A Google Keep Note

This is the first and the most popular extension for Google Keep. As the name suggests, this extension helps the user in taking notes. But the twist is that other than the simple written notes, you can also make picture notes, add various colors to your notes, share your note with others using collaborator, and even set reminders for your notes. This fabulous service can easily be availed for Chrome.

(Available for Chrome)

2. Popup For Keep

Sometimes you don’t want to go away from the current tab you are using on our Browser. But at the same time, you want to access Google Keep. Popup For Keep extension opens Google Keep in the form of a popup without making you leave the browser window. You can easily find this extension for Chrome, but not for Firefox.

(Available for Chrome)

3. Google Keep PowerUp

This extension simply adds more functionality to Google Keep and enhances your daily work experience. After adding Google Keep Power Up as your extension, you can make confidential notes, markdown, and custom fonts.

(Available for Chrome)

4. Google Keep Chrome Extension

With Google Keep Chrome Extension, saving web pages, images, videos, quotes has become really easy. Adding labels to your notes is also made possible by this extension. The saved pages, photos, videos, and all other data also get synced on other platforms like Android and iOS devices. But you must be signed in to use this extension.

(Available for Chrome)

5. Google Keep To Clipboard

Copying the Note content from your Google Keep and pasting it somewhere in the form of markdown, HTML, CSV, plain text, and ZIP markup can never be so easy. And most importantly, using Google Keep To Clipboard extension is really easy.

(Available for Firefox)

6. Open Google Keep In A New Tab

This extension does what it says. Just open your Firefox browser, click on Open Google Keep In A New Tab extension and it’s that simple to open Google Keep in a new tab. This can be a really helpful extension when you are working with your Firefox browser and need Google Keep’s assistance side by side.

(Available for Firefox)

7. Google Keep – Full Screen Edit

Isn’t it hard to edit the notes on a small screen when they are quite long or have multiple images? But the problem can surely be solved if your notes can cover up the whole browser screen, right! This extension for Google Keep is your solution if you are facing the same problem and want the same solution as we mentioned above.

(Available for Chrome)

8. Category Tabs For Google Keep

When you have multiple notes on your Google Keep, it’s really tiring to find the one you need at the moment. With all the notes looking exactly the same, it’s hard to figure out which note is the one you need. But the problem can be solved when your notes have a separate color for separate categories. And this Firefox extension can let you do so.

(Available for Firefox)

9. Google Keep (Pin Tab)

With Google Keep (Pin Tab) extension, saving your notes becomes really easy. And with multiple amazing features of this extension, it becomes one of the best extensions for Google Keep. As there’s no close button to your pinned notes, you can’t accidentally close your notes. All your pinned tabs will open again when you launch Firefox the next time.

(Available for Firefox)

10. Google Keep Presentation Mode

This extension is perfect for people who use Google Keep for office purposes. Make simple notes, and add images to your notes by simply writing [IMG] where you want an image. By clicking on the play icon at the top your presentation will start playing. You can also play the presentation in fullscreen by manually selecting the option.

(Available for Chrome)

Final Words

The list of Google Keep extension goes on and on. There are countless extensions to download for both Chrome and Firefox, but all of them may not be useful and safe to download. But the list of extensions that we presented before you are personally handpicked by us. So you can download and savor these extensions without a second thought.

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