The 4 Best DNS Softwares for Increased Safety and Speed

If you are someone who wants your internet to always be swift and safe. Switching your DNS Server will serve you pretty well. If you didn’t know it already, DNS also known as Domain Name System is a protocol that translates website IP addresses into comprehensible and readable data. The default DNS depends on your service provider and its configuration runs in the background while you are using the internet. Apart from the default DNS on your device, many other options can help you enhance the internet experience on your device. Let us find out which is the most suitable DNS for you by learning about The 4 Best DNS Softwares for Increased Safety and Speed.


One of the most common DNS servers out there is November 2016 launched OpenDNS. It is owned by Cisco and offers service in four packages, namely OpenDNS Family Shield, OpenDNS Home, OpenDNS VIP Home and OpenDNS Umbrella Prosumer. While the first two are free, while the latter two are priced at $19.95 and $20 (per user) respectively. The free options provide features like parental control, identity theft protection etc. The only difference between the two is that Family Shield is pre-configured while Home needs input from the user. 

The VIP Home package has a ton of additional features, especially the ability to restrict internet access to a certain domain. The  Prosumer package on the other hand protects only three devices. 

The downside of using OpenDNS is that it stores all information related to your IP address and DNS. Another drawback is that it places web beacons on the sites you visit. As a measure to serve you better hampering your privacy. So, if you don’t mind sharing your data for faster internet and higher security, you can give this DNS a try or continue reading.

Google Public DNS

If you thought you could make this list without reading Google’s name then I am sorry to disappoint you. Google Public DNS is one of the most popular DNS server, which is known for its speed. Google suggests that the main cause of slow internet is “cache misses”. Which are a result of the several external communications that the DNS has to do with other servers to load a page. This is not a problem with the Google Public DNS server which deals with these through several features. The most important among them are DOS attack prevention, Load Balancing and most importantly Global coverage. 

This fast DNS server has a similar drawback to OpenDNS. Google is an advertisement company that is bound to collect data it may find useful.


If you crossed off the earlier two options among The 4 Best DNS Softwares for Increased Safety due to privacy reasons. DNSWatch is the one for you, as it is security conscious and free. It means that DNSWatch is not actively recording your browsing data and neither your devices information. As no data is recorded, none will be sold to advertisers. This DNS server doesn’t censor any requests, unlike other ISPs. As privacy is the priority for DNSWatch, it also prevents ISP DNS Hijacking. This means if you land on a sponsored page that is unresponsive, your DNS won’t let it collect your data.


OpenNic is a known organization for its Network Information Centres. It offers many services including typical top-level domain registries or TLD and some of the best DNS servers in the market. Unlike any other entry in the list of The 4 Best DNS Softwares for Increased Safety and Speed. This one offers you tens of alternatives to choose from. One thing that remains common among all of these options is security. OpenNIC servers like DNSWatch prevents  ISP DNS hijacking and also provides DNS neutrality. This is however not all, OpenNIc also lets you decide the amount of data logging, giving you granular control. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to OpenNIC. For this purpose, the users get to have a vote in how the server operates. You can raise your concerns about everything and anything to make your experience better.

So, these were The 4 Best DNS Software you can choose from for a faster and safer internet experience on your device. If you are still confused about which DNS to choose, drop your queries in the comments.

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The 4 Best DNS Softwares for Increased Safety and Speed

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