The Best iOS14 Hidden Features you should know

Apple recently launched iOS 14 and comes with lots of fresh features to the several iPhone generations (iPhone 6s and above ). In this article, we look into some hidden features and enhancements that make your life easier than ever. 

iOS14 Hidden Features you should know

Here are some of the best hidden iOS feature which you cannot afford to miss.

  1. Picture in Picture
  2. Pin messages on the top and Filter SMS Spam  
  3. Stack Widgets 
  4. Better Zooming in Photos
  5. Sleep Mode
  6. Additional Fonts
  7. Set your default Browser and Email
  8. Add Security Recommendations for Passwords 
  9. Download over Cellular Data
  10. Control Phone using Back Tap
  11. Hide Photos
  12. Camera and Microphone Indicator

1.Picture in Picture

The Picture in Picture mode is a useful feature which was available for years in Android. The new iOS 14 now lets you use Picture in Picture mode in your iOS device. With PiP mode, you can easily continue your task while using other application on the iPhone. The feature is more advanced compared to the regular mode, as it lets you adjust the PiP mode anywhere on your home screen and even hide the pip video while listing to audio in the background. 

2.Pin messages on the top and Filter SMS Spam  

If you are overwhelmed with the handful of messages popping on your message app, worry not! As the new iOS 14 lets you pin the important conversation and arrange them so that they appear on the top. This way you don’t have to miss out any important messages among the spam messages in the messaging app. 

3.Stack Widgets 

Apple now lets you bring widgets to your home screen. Simply drag the widgets to the home screen and it will automatically adjust itself along with other app icons. The new feature lets you stack about tens of widgets on top of each other. You can access them via the widget gallery. Swipe up or down for quick access.

4.Better Zooming in Photos

Earlier when you tried to zoom pictures on photos app, the quality of the photos diminished. With the new iOS 14, you can zoom more in Photos to get a detailed sight with the picture quality intact. 

5.Sleep Mode

The new iOS 14 features the sleep mode where you can set the goals to stay healthy. The sleep mode lets you set minimum hours of time for sleep and turns on the DND  mode for the time set. The sleep mode replaces the earlier Bedtime mode in iOS 14. 

6.Additional Fonts 

The iOS 14 adds new document fonts and improves the existing ones. Additionally, it supports email address in Devanagari font and other Indian scripts. So next time if you want to send email to someone who has an email ID in Hindi or other Indian scripts you can use these new fonts to send mail in the Mail app.

7.Set your default Browser and Email

The iOS 14 lets you set default browser to Chrome, Edge, Firefox and others apart from just being able to open Safri as a default browser. Similarly, you can also set a default email client like Gmail or Outlook instead of Apple’s Mail client. 

8.Add Security Recommendations for Passwords 

Do you save a lot of passwords in apps and browsers? Well if that’s the case, iOS 14 adds a new security recommendation filter that will monitor your passwords and alert you if they appear in unknown data leaks. Also, it recommends changing the password if your account is at high risk of compromise. To activate this go to Settings> Passwords> Security Recommendations.  

9.Download over Cellular Data

With iOS 14, Apple now lets you download software updates and other downloads without using WiFi. It has added an alternate way to download software updates, movies and others. It now lets you download them over your mobile data. 

10.Control Phone using Back Tap 

iOS 14  adds some enhancements to your interface if you are using iPhone 8 or higher. You can now control your iPhone by using back tap to perform actions. For instance, you can easily turn your device to silent mode or increase the volume of the device by a simple back tap. 

11.Hide Photos 

Earlier you could hide photos in the Photos app by going to Share > Hide option. However despite hiding images from the photos, one could view them easily under the Hidden folder. But now the new iOS lets you hide the Hidden folder itself. To activate go to Settings> Photos > Hidden Album. Toggle the switch next to the option Hidden Album as OFF.

12.Camera and Microphone Indicator 

If privacy is your major concern, then iOS 14 comes with a unique feature to keep your privacy intact. Most of the applications we use require access to camera and microphone to function.  However, the third-party applications that you use constantly keep track on your camera and microphone even when the applications are not in use. If you are concerned about these applications tracking you, the iOS 14 displays orange dot at the top of your display to notify you.  

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