The Best Pinterest Alternatives to Use if You are Bored of Pinterest

Pinterest is a loved social media network among the lover of aesthetics, mostly females tbh. Now, however more and more people are starting to use this platform to get inspired to create content. As this wave of content creation is taking over everyone it is no surprise that people seek inspiration from a platform like Pinterest. However, there is a little problem, everyone is taking inspiration from the same platform. This means we are more or less getting exposed to the same kind of content. The solution for this would be to use The Best Pinterest Alternatives, some of them are mentioned below. 


A platform that was introduced as a better version of Pinterest. It was introduced at a time when Pinterest was invite-only, lacked the feature of exporting content or private boards. With time, Pinterest caught up to all these features and is still ruling the market. Juxtapost is still a really good Pinterest alternative to use to explore new content. The interface is also quite user friendly with a More Like This button to easily direct you to similar content. Juxtapost has similar features to Pinterest but they are presented and categorised in a different way with a different collection of images. 


Dribbble is hands down the most beneficial for creators among The Best Pinterest Alternatives. It not only lets you explore art created by other users but you can also share your own work. It is basically a platform to share your digital creations, so if you created something on Photoshop or Canva you can easily flaunt it here and gain exposure as well as suggestions. Dribbble allows you to learn from the work of thousands of digital creators and becomes more of a learning platform than anything else. You can use the platform to create a community of like-minded creators which might aid your professional growth.


If Pinterest is for women, then Gentlemint is for men. It has a ton of content that might be considered ideal for a typical male audience. The idea is basically to share posts that are Gentlemanly in nature. I am not sure of what this means but most of the content on the site includes infographics and memes. So, gentlemanly might just mean that in a lowkey sense. There are also occasional posts related to whiskeys and sports to keep the highly knitted man audience interested. This platform is however not too popular which results in a small number of users and limited content,


If you spend most of your time on social media going through food videos, then you have found an app, especially for that purpose. FoodGawker allows you to browse through a large number of quality food photos, videos and recipes. There are a large number of recipes and curated guides on the platform by experts in the field of cooking, giving you a wholesome learning experience. The best thing about FoodGawker is that is curated, so only high-quality content makes it to the feed. This could also be a downside as not all people can post on this drool-worthy platform but as the old saying goes quality over quantity. 


If your main motive behind using Pinterest is to browse through products. Then you can have a look at fancy instead. Fancy has a huge collection of products in categories of clothes, interior decor, art etc. It not only lets you browse through products but you can also shop them directly via the platform, just through a click of a button. If you don’t wish to shop you can always save the products you fancy for reference. 


One of the most versatile among The Best Pinterest Alternatives is Mix. Mix let’s you browse through a huge collection of images as per your interest. You can select the things you are interested in and your feed will be filled with images from the category. Once you find an image you love you can press the Mix button and you will find similar images in your feed. Other than offering a personalised feed, Mix also lets you explore what is going on with others through the Popular feature. 

So, this was the list of The Best Pinterest Alternatives you can try if you are bored or annoyed by Pinterest or you just think it has become very mainstream.

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The Best Pinterest Alternatives to Use if You are Bored of Pinterest

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