The Most Exciting Features of Apple iOS 14.5 for iPhone and iPad

The Most Exciting Features of Apple iOS 14.5 

Apple tries to bring something new and better with every iOS update and iOS 14.5 is not an exception. The latest version of the iPhone operating system will be loaded with lots of useful features to make your overall phone experience a whole lot better. The update will be available soon, it is now being beta tested. However, that doesn’t mean we need to wait till the launch to know all about it I have got all the information you need to know about the new features of the OS. So, help yourself with The Most Exciting Features of Apple iOS 14.5 for iPhone and iPad.

Unlock your Phone with the Mask On

Sadly, even after an entire year of misery, corona doesn’t seem to leave our lives any time soon. This means that wearing masks is not going to go away quite yet. The worst thing about sporting a mask remains to be the fact that it interferes with the Face ID unlock offered by Apple. Face ID seemed like a great alternative to Touch ID but Covid had made it unbearable. Thankfully, with the iOS 14 update, users can unlock their iPhones while wearing a mask. You will need an iWatch to carry this function out though. Here’s how you can activate the feature of unlocking your iPhone through your iWatch.

  • Head to the Settings App and Find Face ID.
  • Just find the Unlock With Apple Watch section and toggle on your Watch.

This way your iPhone will unlock when the iWatch is close to your phone with just a swipe. Note that the feature doesn’t work to unlock Apple Pay or App Store Downloads.

Choose your Preferred Music Streaming Service for Siri

This is my personal favourite among The Most Exciting Features of Apple iOS 14.5 for iPhone. So, we all are aware that whenever we ask Siri to play a song it automatically heads to Apple Music. If you don’t have the app, it will tell you that it can’t find an app to perform this function. While playing music on other platforms is only an option if you specifically mention it. Like ‘Hey Siri, play “It’s You” on Spotify”. With the iOS 14.5 update, you can let go of the last part of the sentence and play your music directly by the regular command on your preferred music streaming app. All you need to do is set up your preference, and Siri will do the rest. You can select the preferred app when you first ask Siri to play a song after the update and it’s done. 

Transparency in App Tracking for improved Privacy

Probably the most controversial feature of the new iOS update includes changes in how apps track you across sites. This is because it is not appreciated by tech giants like Facebook. As of now, they will need your permission to track your Advertisement ID, which they don’t want obviously. It is the same for all apps on your phone, each app will have to ask for your permission to track your activity across sites and other apps. You can always decline an app to use that data and it will not affect your overall experience. This is a great feature introduced by Apple to protect the privacy of its users and is expected to get tons of regard for the same.

Support Dual Sim on 5G Devices and increased compatibility

The latest iPhone 12 devices will now be able to support two sims with 5G connectivity. It will include one physical sim and another e Sim. The latest update with this feature will surely make the lives of a lot of people a whole lot better. Other than this exciting feature, Apple will also make your device more compatible with other devices. With the update, you can connect PlayStation 5 DualSense or Xbox Series X/S controller to your phone. These devices can then be used to play games on your phone. iOS14 has something for fitness freaks as well, now you can connect your device to a whole lot of other devices with Airplay 2 for Apple Fitness. This will help you play the workout sessions on any compatible TV unlike the only option to view it on Apple TV in the past.

So, these were my top pick among all the new features that Apple will introduce with iOS 14.5. Other notable features include which you might find The Most Exciting Features of Apple iOS 14.5 include:

  • Two new voices for Siri.
  • 200+ New Emojis.
  • Battery recalibration feature that shows the specifics of your Baterry Health.
  • Apple Maps Incident Reporting.
  • You can find PowerBeats Pro headphones through Find My App.

Overall the update is gonna be a great addition to your regular Apple Device.

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