The New Apple Music Features to Definitely Try in 2021

Apple Music is a nice app but it is not the most loved app, even among Apple users. The wide range of content and features available on other leading apps like Spotify is the main reason for the same. Even the comfort of using Siri without any glitch isn’t enough for most users to switch to this streaming platform. This however doesn’t dishearten the people at Apple. As going by the history of their company, they take challenges on the face of it and revamping Apple Music is no exception. The tech giant has recently introduced new sets of features to make the app stand out from the crowd. Learn what they are in this list of The New Apple Music Features to Definitely Try in 2021.

Saylists for Children with SSD

This feature isn’t for all users, so you can skip it if you want. However, this particular feature is a major step forward for the app in the right direction. Kids with SSD or Speech Sound Disorder could receive Speech Therapy using Apple Music. This is possible through a number of playlists called ‘Saylists’ available on the platform, which are created in collaboration with Warner Music and Rothco. These lists consist of songs which can be challenging for kids to sing along to, hence helping them with the articulation in a fun manner. This could be highly beneficial, as most kids enjoy singing more than any other kind of Speech training.

Share Lyrics of Your Favourite Songs on Social Media

Apple Music previously allowed you to share songs from the app directly to your Instagram Stories. While that is a cool feature in itself, this feature is definitely an improvement. Now, the app lets you share the lyrics of the song of your choice onto social media including the convenience of sharing it on your IG stories. The snippet of your song lyrics can be shared by the following steps.

  • Tap on the More Options button while a song is being played.
  • Now, you’ll get two options: Share Music and Share Lyrics.
  • Tap the latter and you can share upto three verses of a song on your Instagram stories. You can also share it on iMessage and even Facebook Messenger.

City Charts

This feature is not a feature you can use right now, it will be made public after the iOS 14.5 update. However, there is nothing bad about knowing about things in advance. So, you might already be familiar with the categories that Apple Music offers. The Worldwide and the Hot Tracks etc are all exciting but aren’t specific to the likes of people in one city. This will change with the introduction of 100 city charts, which will feature hits from 100 different cities around the globe. With this feature, you’ll always be on top of what is trending in your city and not just your country or the world.

Swipe to Add Songs to Your Queue

Another one among The New Apple Music Features that will be available only with the iOS 14.5 update. This feature will definitely make your life easier in the coming future. You will be able to add songs you are listening to, to your library or queue just by swiping. So, it will work like this: While viewing a list on the app, as soon as you swipe left to right, you’ll find the new options. These will include an option that lets you add the selected song to the bottom or top of your queue.  While swiping left to right will let you add the song to your Apple Music Library.

Replay 2021

This is probably my favourite feature among The New Apple Music Features. The Replay 2021 is basically a compilation of the top 100 songs that you have been listening to during the year. Unlike other apps that offer such playlists at the end of the year, this list will be updated every Sunday. The list will adapt to your likes and will rank the songs from 1 to 100. Every week these rankings will be changed according to your streaming behaviour over the past week. You will find this playlist in the Listen Now Tab of your Apple Music App.

So, here you go these are The New Apple Music Features to try in 2021. Are they enough for you or you need Apple to do more to compete with other platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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