The Top Fixes to Improve your WiFi Performance on an iPhone.

What could be worse than no wifi? The answer is simple; a bad wifi connection. There is nothing more annoying than a wifi problem for a millennial or a gen z individual. It is not a surprise as most of our time is spent on our phones so we accept that time to be seamless. When it is not, we tend to lose our minds. I am not here to remind you of the times when bad wifi made you suffer, but to assist you in preventing that from happening again. So, let us learn about The Top Fixes to Improve your WiFi Performance on an iPhone.

Check the placement of your Router

The most common reason behind a bad wifi connection is the distance between the router and the device. A typical wifi connection ranges to 150 feet indoors and is hampered by barrier like walls. So, to improve your wi-fi performance on your iPhone, try to place the router as close to your device as possible. If you spent most of your time in your living room, there is no point in placing the router in your bedroom. Also, you could try to place your router at a good height to prevent any interference from neighbouring furniture. If you didn’t know it already, you can check your wifi strength through the stripes located n the top-left corner of your screen. Change the placement to get maximum stripes on the device. 

Restart the Router

If it isn’t the oldest trick in the book, but also the most effective. Most people look down upon the power of restarting your electronic device. Minor issues in any device can be rectified by using the restart option and a router is no exception. As a quick fix to your bad wifi, switch off and on your router. You can do it by pressing the power button on your router and pressing it again after a minute. Alternatively, you can disconnect the router from the power source and connect it again after a minute. In most cases, the Wifi performance tends to improve by this method.

Reduce the amount of Bandwidth your iPhone Uses

Many activities increase the amount of bandwidth that your iPhone uses. Some common culprits are VPN’s, third-party apps, automatic app updates, background app refresh and online streaming, Thankfully, there is a fix for each of these problems.

  • Firstly, you can check in the Mobile Data part of your Settings app to see which app or activities are hogging your data. If the majority of the consumption is done by apps you don’t need, you can uninstall or put limits on the data usage. 
  • Turn off automatic app updates and update your apps manually through App Store.
  • Switch from online streaming of songs and videos to downloading and watching.
  • You can also turn off the VPN at your home if you think there is a lot of load on your home router.

Check to see if your iPhone is causing the problem


If your Wifi works well on all your other device except your iPhone. This tip among The Top Fixes to Improve your WiFi Performance on an iPhone is essential for you to know. There could be various reasons for the bad performance of Wifi on your device, find the list of problems and fixes below.

  • Check if your iOS is updated as an outdated operating system can hamper your Wifi Speed. You can fix it by going to General Settings on your Settings App and choosing Software Update.
  • Sometimes the issue can be the connectivity of the iPhone to a specific network. To solve this problem go to the Wifi Settings and click on the specific connection and Tap Forget this Network. Enter the password again and reconnect to the network after that.
  • Change your phone cover if you are using a metal-plated cover as it tends to hinder the wifi performance on your iPhone.
  • If nothing else works, you can Reset all your Network Settings. Although, keep this one as the last resort.

Change the DNS on your iPhone

Changing the DNS or Domain Name System on your iPhone can help improve the functionality of the internet on the device. To change the DNS follow the given steps.

  1. Go to Wi-Fi in Settings.
  2. Tap on the encircled I adjacent to your desired network.
  3. Scroll to find Configure DNS.
  4. Change the settings to Manual, then select Add Server.
  5. Enter the DNS server address you want to use. If you need help selecting to choose from this list of Best DNS providers.
  6. Select Save.

I hope The Top Fixes to Improve your Wi-fi Performance on an iPhone will come in handy to you. 

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