The Top music streaming apps in India for a Seamless Experience

No matter what age group you belong to or what your interests are. There is one thing that you can’t hate even if you try. Though you can dislike particular types and genres of music, you can’t hate the entire world of pleasing auditory sounds. The 21st century is a heaven for music lovers and an opportunity for people who are indifferent towards the art. Modern technology has made listening to music so simple, that you can’t find an excuse to not listen to it. Music has found its voice through technology, a voice that finds its listeners one way or the other. We are the first generation who can take advantage of music streaming apps. Yet, we are not taking its full advantage by not using the streaming app designed to serve us best. Let us change that by learning more about the top music streaming apps in India.

1. Spotify

The newest addition to the ever-growing Indian market. Has been able to grab a considerable part of the market segment in less than 2 years. The factors contributing to its extreme popularity are high-quality music, customised playlist according to interests, playlist creation and sharing and compatibility with several devices. Spotify is available as a free and premium version is available at 119 rupees a month. The better option would be to get a family premium version that supports 6 accounts at 179 rupees. This is perfect for you if you are aiming at good suggestions for new music and wish to use the app on various devices.

2. Amazon Prime Music

My favourite among the top music streaming apps in India for two reasons. First would be the fact the premium version for the app is included at the amazon prime pack and the second is Alexa. Which means you are getting a lot more at the same price when compared to Spotify. While both the app features similar functions with the addition of Alexa’s voice command in Amazon Prime. So, Amazon prime music seems like a no brainer for the premium version, but if you don’t have Amazon Prime and aim for higher quality music, then Spotify is the app for you. Though, these are two are the ideal music streaming apps there are others in the market too for your specific needs.

3. Youtube Music

Another great streaming service available to the people of India is the Youtube Music app. The ad-free version is available at a rate of 129 rupees a month. The price is worth it because of one reason. You can find every song on Youtube on this app, for obvious reasons. As youtube has almost everything, there won’t be a song that you will not find on this app. Which is not true for any other among the top music streaming apps in India.

4. Gaana Music

If you are a lover of Punjabi Music then this is the app for you. Certain Punjabi songs can only be found on this app. So, if you just can’t get enough of the beats from the north of India, this streaming platform will best serve you. The premium version for Gaana is available at 99 rupees a month, which is lower than its competitors. This music app offers the same features as the other streaming apps. Though one additional feature I like about this music app is the option to pair it up Siri and ask it to directly play the music, much like apple music. The only difference being than Gaana is much cheaper.

5. Wynk Music App

This spot for the last among the top music streaming apps in India was the hardest to fill. As the others in the list come as obvious choices, the Wynk music App is not so mainstream. It is used by a particular segment of the Indian audience that is a benefit. The reason I included this app was to let you know that if you belong to that group, you are missing out. The premium subscription foe the Wynk app which is 99 rupees a month, can be availed for free for Airtel subscribers. So, if you have an airtel number going for this music app is a no brainer if you get accustomed to the interface and can find music that’s best for you on the app.

There are various other apps like Jio Saavn and Apple music which might be preferred by you. Although, considering the major considerations that people focus on the above five apps came out to as the winners. Hope you found your ideal app in the top music streaming apps in India. Happy listening.

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