Tips to Make an iPhone More Senior Friendly

The iPhone is a truly marvellous creation, it is not an ordinary mobile phone but a lifestyle. This, however, is my personal opinion, not every iPhone user will agree to the same. iPhone can be a little hard for new users, especially when these users are seniors. The generation is not as tech-savvy as the Millenials but that doesn’t mean that their age will deprive them of the comfort of using an iPhone. As, to be honest, it might be hard to learn but there’s no going back when you get a heck of it. Apple made sure that the case is the same for people of age, by offering certain features that would aid the usage of the phone for seniors. Let us learn what these features are and Tips to Make an iPhone More Senior Friendly.

Make use of Speech Selection

Faulty eyesight is a major concern for most people of age. Many eyesight problems affect seniors which can make it hard for them to read data on their phone. Thankfully, iPhone allows you to command the phone to speak any form of texts. This lets seniors listen to the information by merely selecting the text. To enable Speech Selection on your phone follow the given steps:

  • Go to Accessibilities in the Settings App.
  • Find Vision Section, under which you need to select Spoken Content.
  • Enable Speech Selection. Now, you can make your phone do all the reading by selecting any text and tapping on Speak.
  • Additionally, you can also turn on Speak Screen if you have a hard time selecting text.

Enable Display Zoom

Another feature that can help the seniors with their eyesight issue is increasing the size of everything on the screen. This can be done by enabling display zoom by following the given steps:

  • Head to Display and Brightness in the Settings App.
  • Find the Display Zoom header and tap on View.
  • Select Zoomed. This will be followed by a couple of previews so that you can see the difference.
  • Tap Set, now all you have to do is restart your iPhone as you will be prompted to do the same and you are done.

Increase Font Size

Apart from Display Zoom, you can also increase the font size on your iPhone to make it more senior-friendly. To perform this function follow the given steps:

  • Head to Accessibilities in the Settings App and find Display and Text Size.
  • Choose Larger Text and adjust the text size according to your need.

Enable Voice Dial for Siri

The one under Tips to Make an iPhone More Senior Friendly must be used by everyone. iPhone allows you to make phone calls by commanding Siri. You just need to say, Hey Siri followed by Call ‘Name of the Contact’. If this is not enabled on your phone by default, here’s how you can enable it.

  • Go to Face ID and Passcode on your iPhone Settings App.
  • Confirm using your current Passcode.
  • Toggle on Voice Dial and you are done.

Enable LED Flash Alert for Phone Calls

Another sensory organ whose function diminishes with age is your ear. This means that missing a call because of not being able to hear the ringtone could be a possibility. To avoid this scenario, enable LED Flash Alert. You can do the same by  following the given steps:

  • Head to Settings then Accessibility.
  • Choose Audio /Visual found under the Hearing header.
  • Enable the LED Flash for Alerts slider and you are done.

Another thing you can do to prevent missed phone calls is to increase the ringer volume. To do that go to Sound and Haptics in the Settings App. Adjust the Ringer and Alerts Slider to ensure that the volume is at par with your auditory functions. Additionally, toggle off the Change with Button slider to prevent the volume of the device from lowering down through the volume buttons. You can also turn on the Vibration from the same segment.

So, these were the top 5 Tips to Make an iPhone More Senior Friendly. You can do a lot more with an iPhone to help a senior user, these may not directly aid their experience but can be helpful. You can save Set up a Medical ID on your Health app, enable Find my on the iPhone and most importantly configure the Emergency SOS. These tips will ensure that the 

 experience is not only smooth but safe too. 

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