Tips to Reduce Mobile Data Usage for Android Users

Have you ever wondered that maybe your data sometimes runs out way too quickly? I know I have, and it is a pretty annoying feeling. Running out of data just at the beginning of the day just because you binged a show a little too much last night is the worst. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. You can survive without wifi on a limited data plan easily with some tips that I have for you. After this article, you won’t have to spend your time waiting for the clock to hit 12 for your data to reset. You will have a lot of data in space on your android devices. These useful tips to reduce mobile data usage.

1. Stop apps from automatically syncing

A major portion of your data is credited to the automatic syncing going on, on your website. You might not even be aware of how much data is being spent on these syncs without your knowledge. In order to save data on your android device, you need to stop these automatic syncs. To do this, go to Settings then Apps & notifications. Here you’ll discover a list of all apps on your phone. Just tap the app and check the data usage and if it is this too much then disable Background Data Refresh.

2. Cap Your Data Usage Manually

Just like you put a cap on the maximum amount of money you’ll spend in the month. Just like that, you can also cap the maximum amount of data you’ll use in a day. You can put a limit that is lower than the data provided to you by your service provider daily. This way, you can always be sure of having extra data at your hands, to use in case of emergency. To manually cap data on your android device, go to Settings. Select Network & Internet and then Data usage.

Now you can tap on Data warning and limit and Set data warning. Also, in Data usage you can enable Data saver to use fewer data overall.

3. Change Cloud Sync to Wifi Only

You may have a lot of apps on your phone to save your phone’s memory. The sad thing is that those very apps are the ones destroying your data usage. Cloud syncing apps like our favorite Google drive use a lot of data on a daily basis. To avoid losing your data, while saving your memory, you need to make a change. All you have to do is change the Cloud Syncing to wifi only, this is a must-do song the useful tips to reduce mobile data usage. To save your data, go to Settings on your Android device. Find the cloud app that you wish to change the setting to, tap the same, and change syncing to Wifi only.

4. Reduce the Quality of Video Streaming apps

You spend a lot of your time bingeing shows on Prime Video, Youtube, and Netflix. Streaming on these apps in high resolution or HD consumes a lot of data. So, you need to make sure that you compromise on your viewing experience when using mobile data to stream videos. To do this, you need to go to every individual app and change the video resolution setting for every app. You can also check how much data, every category of resolution consumes and decide your preferred resolution accordingly. One more thing that you need to change for these video streaming apps is to change the Downloads to wifi only. Make sure that you make use of this setting and download your favorite shows when you are in the wifi zone.

5. Change your data speed to 3G

The higher the speed the more the data consumed. As most phones nowadays use 4G and 5G data, you have to manually change the data to 3G. Reducing the speed of the internet won’t be much of an inconvenience, as most of the social networking apps work fine with the speed. So, to change your data speed on your phone all you have to do is open Network and Internet in Settings. Go to Mobile Network then Advanced Settings. In the Advanced settings menu, you’ll find the preferred network type where you can change your preference to 3G.

Don’t these tips to reduce mobile data usage make your life a lot easier. If yes, let us know in the comments below.

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