Tools that every Social Media Influencer Needs in 2020

The human population is more social on social media than it is in the real world. Due to this extreme popularity, social media has become an ideal marketing tool for brands to promote their products. Brands promote their brands on social media sites by paid ads, campaigns, their page and most important influencers. Influencer marketing has become an important mode of advertisement, giving popularity to the influencer profession. There are a wide variety of influencers present on every social media site. Some brands like Daniel Wellington have made the best use of them. If you are an influencer or if you want to join the mesmerizing world of brand promotions, you are in the right place. To be a successful influencer you need the right tools. So, here are tools that every social media influencer needs.

1. Winkl 

The all in one tool for an influencer is the Winkl App. It takes care of all the needs of a user by providing services like:

  • Brand connect- providing an opportunity to collaborate with brands.
  • Blogs on various factors of content creation.
  • Tools to create a personal digital media kit.
  • Assists you in showcasing your best work to brands.
  • Get live feedback from other influencers about your content.
  • Invoice Generator.
  • Assistance in setting up a subscription plan for your content.

There are various other tools which are made available to the influencers on the Winkl Influencer App.

2. Plixxo

The Popxo owned influencer marketing firm has been a leading player in the world of influencers. The platform was among the first in the market and therefore has a strong network of influencers and brands. The services provided by Plixxo are:

  • Top Brands for collaboration both paid and unpaid.
  • Easy payment option for influencers.
  • Regular paid promotion opportunities for influencers.
  • Easy grievance redressal through Email.

3. PulpKey

Another great platform for influencers to find leading brands to collaborate with. The online platforms offer brands and influencers a mediation to work together. Some of the prominent features of this website are:

  • Leading Brands for collaboration and paid promotions.
  • Personalised assistance to influencers.
  • Easy communication through calls and WhatsApp.
  • Various campaign managers to streamline communication between brands and influencers.

4. Kofluence

An app that makes it easy for influencers to connect with brands. While most of the other mediating platforms depend on emails and messages, Kofluence does it all in the single app.

It is an ideal option to connect with brands if you are just starting on your journey to be an influencer. The features offered by this app are:

  • Avail all kinds of campaigns on a single app platform.
  • Easy communication and tracking of campaigns.
  • Available to users in many regional languages including Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

5. Kitly

If you are just starting your influencer journey you need an app that manages your social media for you. Kitly is one of the ideal tools that every social media influencer needs, you can have control over all your activities from this app. The features of Ktly involves:

  • Verified insights of social media account updated on an hourly basis which involves your reach, engagement rate and all that you need to know about your account.
  • Real-life performance of your account.
  • A huge data storage to add all your collaborations and related data.
  • You have a comprehensive media kit and invoice history too on this app.
  • Get detailed reports about the performance of your account.
  • Subscription for additional features for collaboration.

Additional Tools

Combined with all the above tools you will also need some secondary tools to streamline your social media account and monetize it. This includes tools for content creation, content presentation, editing and connecting with certain brands. The additional tools involve:

  1. Photo editing apps for Phone and Computer.
  2. Video Editing apps.
  3. Apps for helping you manage the feed – For Instagram, you can try the Preview App that allows you to get a preview of the pictures you intend to post. It also lets you set a caption, time and reminder for a post.
  4. Apps for Hashtags and Captions – If you struggle at managing captions and hashtags for your various social media platforms, then you can use an app like Hashtag Expert.
  5. Messengers – Yes, you need WhatsApp, telegram and even Facebook messenger for collaborating with brands. This is because various new mediators and brands make use of these platforms to connect with influencers.

These are all the tools that every social media influencer needs. It doesn’t matter what social media platform/s you are active on, these tools will serve their purpose to assist you in every case. Happy Influencing.

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