Top 5 Fashion Apps to Shop the Best Clothes in India

The pandemic has changed a ton of things for all of mankind. Like how we finally rely on fashion apps for our everyday clothing needs. Fashion never sleeps and you might have witnessed the emergence of oodles of new fashion trends recently. Even when we were in complete lockdown fashion was booming over social media. Now, as we know that online shopping for clothes ain’t bad and that staying at home doesn’t mean we stop bringing our A-Game for our wardrobe. Let us look at the Top Fashion Apps in 2020. 

All of the following apps are available for apple and android users. So, don’t worry and explore the 5 best fashion apps on iPhone and Android.

1. Nykaa Fashion App

The leading brand for women cosmetics recently became a big name in the online fashion industry for all the right reasons. Ever since the introduction of Nykaa fashion App, there is hardly any other fashion app that matches up to the spectacular collection that the app has to offer. Using Nykaa Fashion app is like visiting a high-end boutique, with only the best pieces from leading brands like Forever New and the trendiest of clothes from Nykaa’s own label.

I personally love RSVP by Nykaa as it is not just trendy but affordable too, so I highly recommend you to check out this fashion app.


Talk about affordable fashion and the first app that comes to my mind in Ajio. It is not only the mainstream brands that offer a huge bargain on the app, it is the luxury ones too. You can get products from Armani, Superdry, Steve Madden at the price of H&M. I personally vouch for the low prices and high discounts on this fashion app as I only yesterday I bought an 8000 rupee shoe for 1800 rupees, true story. One pro tip is to never order anything without applying a coupon on this App, never!


Another oh so affordable fashion app on the list will have to be Koovs. Koovs has been offering the trendiest clothes at our doorsteps for 8 years, though it faced a setback with Shien offering fashion at the cheapest rate, it is back at it again. The best thing about Koovs is that most of the clothes on the app are exclusive, which means unlike clothes purchased from other fast fashion brands, they are not in everyone’s wardrobe. I mean, you can look trendy without worrying about somebody else showing up in the same outfit at your party, which makes koovs one of the best fashion apps for iPhone and Android.

4. Lulu and Sky

If there is an app that could completely overtake the Shien market, it would be Lulu and Sky. The fashion app is available for both Apple and Android users. Even when the prices of the products are from the pre-smartphone age. The prices are so low that it will make you gasp and the best thing is that even with such low prices the quality is not compensated. I bought a pair of heels from the fashion app and even after 2 years, they still look the same. Lulu and Sky might not be popular but it is certainly one of the best fashion apps in India.

5. Asos

This app brings a boutique into your hands and the products are nothing as you have seen on other apps. The Asos fashion app provides trendy and unique outfits at an affordable rate. The collection on the app is always up to date with the latest trends. The best thing is that you won’t have to worry about making a fashion faux pass when you shop. This is because there isn’t a single tacky outfit on the app. If you prefer exclusivity, then Asos is the best fashion app for you.

All of the apps in the above list are online shopping essentials for fashion. Even though none of them is a clear winner as they cater to different needs. For example, while AJIO offers 500 brands to choose from Koovs will get you clothes you don’t see anywhere. Now, that you now the best fashion apps for your phone, go shop!

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