Transfer Your Data From Your Old iPhone to Your New iPhone

Want to buy a new iPhone this season, but don’t want to do all the work of transferring your data. Well, I have some exciting news for you, Apple has made it easy for iPhone users to update their phone. Now, you can buy a new iPhone without any hassle related to data transfer with Quick Start. Apple’s quickstart feature is going to make your experience of getting a new iPhone seamless. The best thing about Quick Start is that you no longer need a computer or even iCloud to back it up. You can get a new iPhone and transfer your data from your old iPhone in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Check the Software

Update your phone to Ios 12.4 or above. Quickstart which is Apple’s setup feature needs ios 12.4 or later to work, so if you haven’t updated your old device yet. It is time you make that update. If your old device doesn’t support that version of ios then you will have to restore an iCloud backup to transfer your data. 

Step 2: Ensure Network Connectivity

After you ensure that your device is updated to the latest ios check if your Wifi is stable or you can use Lighting to USB cable to connect your phones. Just remember that your transfer will last for 30 mins to 1 hour and you won’t be able to use either phone in that duration. Enable Bluetooth and Wifi on booth devices and get them fully charged for the process.

Step 3: Setup the Phones

  • Move your two phones close to each other and swipe up on your new iPhone. This will create a prompt on your old iPhone saying “Set up New iPhone”. 
  • Ensure that your Apple ID is correct and click on continue on your old phone.
  • Now authenticate by scanning the animation of your new iPhone from your old one. If this doesn’t work click on authenticate manually and type the code in the old phone.

Step 4: Authenticate

  • After you have scanned your new iPhone with your old iPhone, the later will prompt ‘Finish on New iPhone’.
  • Now, your new iPhone will ask for a passcode, which is the same as the passcode of your old iPhone. Just enter the passcode and wait for a few seconds.
  • The new iPhone will get connected to the wifi and would sign in into your Apple id if it fails to do so. You can enter your password when it prompts.

Step 5: Select Transfer Mode

This step involves choosing the transfer method, you can either chose to transfer from iCloud or iPhone. Choosing the latter option is what you should do to get the latest data into your new iPhone. If you are using a wired transfer instead of wifi then Transfer from iPhone will be the only option to go for. If you wish you could also choose Transfer from the cloud, but that would only be possible if you have backed up all your data beforehand. So, save yourself the work and go for the first option.

Step 6: Transfer you data

The last one is to transfer your data from your old iPhone to your new one. Now, all you have to is what you do best; Agree to Terms and Conditions on the new iPhone. Then the phone will prompt you to enable certain settings, which include Siri, location, Apple Pay, Apple watch etc. If you chose Apple Pay then you’ll have to verify your credentials. Otherwise, you are all set and your transfer will now begin. As previously stated, ensure that none of the phones discharges during the transfer and doesn’t try to use any of the phones.

Step 7: Let it Download in Background

You are all set to use your new and your old iPhone after the transfer. Your new iPhone will feel like with all the settings and even the same wallpaper as your old iPhone. However, the download of apps and iCloud content will run in the background. If your wifi network is stable it won’t be much longer before you can have absolutely everything on your new iPhone. Though, experts suggest that you should leave the phone with wifi overnight to ensure that your new phone doesn’t miss out on anything.

That is it, you are all done with making your phone equipped with all that you need. So, what are you still waiting for? Transfer your data from your old iPhone to your brand new iPhone and make the best use of the incredible device.

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