Unable to stream music to your speakers, or video to your Apple TV? Here’s how to get AirPlay to work

If you wish to have to reflect or stream content material from your Mac, iPhone or iPad to your TV or a wi-fi speaker, you are going to want to use AirPlay, Apple’s device for wi-fi streaming. If you might be having issues getting your music or video to stream we’ve the answers right here. Read on for all our guidelines for purchasing AirPlay to work.

Here’s what you want if you wish to have to stream video or audio from an iPhone or iPad to a TV or speaker. If the method isn’t running as you could possibly be expecting the very first thing to do is take a look at you will have the next:

  1. If you might be making plans on streaming from or mirroring your iPhone, iPad or Mac on your TV display screen you are going to want an Apple TV. (learn: How to attach an iPad or iPhone to a TV)
  2. If you wish to have to stream music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac you are going to want AirPlay suitable audio system (we’ve a spherical up of the most productive wi-fi audio system right here, and John Lewis lists those audio system that improve AirPlay right here).
  3. The newest device – take a look at your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and AirPlay suitable speaker are up to date with the newest device (observe that some other people had problems with AirPlay in iOS 11 – additional information beneath).

If in spite of having all the above, AirPlay isn’t running on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV then we’ve the following tips. Here are our guidelines for how to get AirPlay to work.

  1. Reboot your rooter.
  2. Check all of the gadgets are at the similar Wi-Fi community.
  3. Make positive that there aren’t within sight gadgets which might be interfering.

If AirPlay remains to be now not running on your Mac, iOS instrument, or Apple TV, we’ve quite a lot of tips beneath for various situations. Hopefully you are going to find the answer to your AirPlay issues beneath.

AirPlay now not running following device replace

From time to time a MacOS or iOS device replace may if truth be told be the reason for problems with AirPlay.

This came about in iOS 11, when some other people took to Apple’s discussion board to search for solutions when AirPlay stopped running following an iOS 11 replace in September 2017.

There had been a couple of tips as to how to repair this factor, even supposing most likely the explanation other people had been at a loss for words by means of AirPlay in iOS 11 used to be that Apple had made adjustments to the best way that the characteristic seemed in Control Centre and a few of its capability.

If you will have been having hassle with AirPlay following an iOS replace, check out those steps:

  1. Force restart your instrument – examine how to drive restart your iPhone (or iPad) right here.
  2. Reset your community settings on your iPhone or iPad in Settings > General > Reset, and faucet on Reset Network Settings.

Not seeing AirPlay in Control Centre

Connecting two gadgets by way of AirPlay is in most cases a easy procedure or swiping up on your iPhone or iPad to divulge Control Centre after which tapping at the Screen Mirroring possibility with it’s rectangle/triangle icon if you want to stream to the TV by way of Apple TV, or tapping the audio card within the best proper after which the triangle/rainbow icon if you wish to have to stream music to your stereo (or Apple TV).

Somewhat confusingly in previous variations of iOS the choice to stream to a TV used to be named AirPlay Mirroring. When this alteration came about some other people could have concept that the choice to AirPlay were got rid of when it had simply been renamed.

The new title is sensible, however provided that you aren’t already conversant in AirPlay because the title for streaming from one instrument to every other.

You may well be forgiven for pondering that the brand new title means that the display screen of your iPhone or iPad will probably be reflected at the Apple TV – which means that your iPhone will probably be out of motion whilst you stream the content material to the TV. As we can talk about within the subsequent segment, it used to be the case that it’s good to stream to the TV from some apps whilst you endured to use your iPhone. The new mirroring characteristic implies that once you permit the app the stream will transfer to fit the display screen of your iOS instrument. It’s somewhat stressful, however happily at the turn facet, the content material you had been prior to now streaming would possibly now be to be had by way of an Apple at the Apple TV (assuming you will have a more recent type of Apple TV with the App Store this is).

Airplay with out mirroring isn’t running

Another exchange in iOS 11 that at a loss for words AirPlay customers used to be the truth that the facility to Airplay with out mirroring disappeared.

After upgrading to iOS 11 customers can most effective stream AirPlay content material whilst it is at the display screen in their instrument. Prior to iOS 11 customers had been ready to stream the contents of a few apps from an iPhone or iPad to a TV – permitting them to proceed to use the iPhone or iPad as a 2nd display screen. Perfect if you happen to sought after to proceed to use Facebook whilst looking at a video stream on your TV.

Some apps nonetheless have this capability as a result of they’re AirPlay enabled (Netflix, Amazon, for instance). However, in case you are making an attempt to stream video from say, Safari, chances are you’ll to find you’ll’t stream it to your Apple TV with out the usage of display screen mirroring.

iPhone isn’t seeing Apple TV

When you swipe up on Control Centre and faucet on Screen Mirroring you will have to see your AirPlay gadgets – together with any Apple TV this is at the community indexed there.

However, you may even see the message: Looking for Apple TV… If you do, then practice those steps:

  1. Wake up your Apple TV – if your Apple TV is plugged in to the community by way of Ethernet relatively than the usage of Wi-FI chances are you’ll want to wake your Apple TV up prior to it sounds as if as an possibility for Screen Mirroring.
  2. Make positive the device on your Apple TV and iOS instrument is up to date. Here’s how to replace the device on an Apple TV and how to replace the device on an iPhone or iPad.
  3. Restart your iPhone (or iPad if that’s what you are attempting to attach from).
  4. Restart the Apple TV.
  5. Ensure that AirPlay is grew to become on in Settings at the Apple TV. Go to Settings > AirPlay.
  6. Go to Settings > Wi-FI on your iPhone/iPad and make certain that the Wi-Fi community you might be attached to is identical person who your Apple TV is the usage of.
  7. Check your Wi-Fi community is operating – we’ve recommendation right here about what to do if there is a matter with your Wi-Fi.

iPhone isn’t seeing HomePod or speaker

If you wish to have to stream music to a Wi-Fi speaker (or Apple’s HomePod) it will have to be a very simple procedure.

  1. Just to find the music you wish to have to play on your iPhone the usage of whichever app you like (Music, Amazon Music, Shazam, for instance).
  2. Swipe up on Control Centre and press laborious at the audio card till it takes you to the following display screen then faucet the triangle/rainbow icon within the best proper.
  3. You will have to then see the audio system indexed as an possibility to stream too.

However, if the audio system, or HomePod, aren’t showing an possibility, right here’s what to do:

  1. Check that the audio system are plugged in and grew to become on (you’d be stunned how regularly that is the case).
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, cross to Settings > Wi-FI and make certain that the Wi-Fi community you might be attached to is identical person who your audio system or HomePod is the usage of.
  3. Make positive that the speaker is at the similar Wi-Fi community as your iOS instrument. In the case of the HomePod, it will have to mechanically transfer to the similar community because the iPhone that it used to be related to throughout arrange.
  4. If speaker or HomePod remains to be now not appearing up, it may well be similar to a firewall at the community. We take a look at problems similar to a firewall beneath.

We have extra HomePod troubleshooting guidelines right here. We even have this information to how to play music on HomePod with out subscribing to Apple Music.

Can’t stream content material from iPhone/iPad to TV

You want an Apple TV so as to stream content material to a TV display screen. We give an explanation for how to stream from your iPhone/iPad to your TV display screen right here.

  1. It is imaginable that the content material you might be stream to your TV display screen by way of the Apple TV isn’t taking part in. In this example it can be that the content material wishes to be totally downloaded prior to it is going to play.
  2. Another reason the content material would possibly not play by way of the Apple TV is that if the app or site you are trying to stream from doesn’t improve AirPlay. We recommend that you just take a look at the site of the supplier to see if it gives AirPlay improve. e.g. Channel 4.

AirPlay sound now not running

Sometimes the video will seem at the display screen however you are going to pay attention no audio. If that’s the case practice those steps:

  1. It’s all too obtrusive, however take a look at that the sound is grew to become up on your TV or audio system and likewise on your iPhone or iPad. Also just remember to iPhone/iPad isn’t muted by way of the mute transfer at the facet (above the amount controls).
  2. Another risk is that AirPlay isn’t totally supported by means of the app or webpage you might be streaming from.

AirPlay video and sound aren’t in sync

This is a irritating and common downside with all streaming gadgets sadly. The excellent information is that AirPlay 2, when it arrives later in 2018, will have to repair the issue of lag.

  1. Usually the primary reason behind lag is a vulnerable Wi-Fi sign, so you can be ready to resolve the issue if you’ll plug your Apple TV immediately into your router the usage of an Ethernet cable.
  2. If that’s now not an possibility, try to take away different gadgets that may be inflicting interference. These may come with a microwave, a child observe, a cordless phone, wi-fi audio system, or the rest that declares over the similar WiFi community.
  3. If you might be in a in particular constructed up house your neighbours WiFi and Wi-Fi gadgets may be interfering, if that’s the case, check out transferring your Apple TV to a special location.

Lag when mirroring Mac to Apple TV

If you might be mirroring your Mac display screen to an Apple TV, most likely whilst turning in a presentation or as a result of you make use of the additional display screen, chances are you’ll enjoy stressful lag. If that’s the case we’ve the next tips:

  1. Click at the AirPlay icon within the menu bar and below the choice Match Desktop Size To, ensure that Apple TV is chosen.
  2. Another possibility is to give up any apps that may be the usage of RAM, as a result of making extra reminiscence to be had would possibly lend a hand.

Firewall problems with AirPlay

If you don’t see the Apple TV or HomePod while you check out to AirPlay it can be due to problems with a Firewall.

  1. On your Mac, cross to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
  2. Click the lock icon and input your administrator title and password.
  3. Click at the Firewall tab and select Firewall Options.
  4. If “Block all incoming connections” is chosen, deselect it.
  5. Make positive “Automatically permit downloaded signed device to obtain incoming connections” is chosen.

Hopefully you will have discovered the answer to your downside above, if now not proportion main points of your AirPlay problems beneath.

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