Unique Team Video Chat Apps that will Make Work From Home Fun

How much time have you spent on video calls over the past few months? For every student and working professional, the answer would be a lot. The insane amount of time on video conferencing hasn’t made it likeable to most people. Unless, of course, you don’t mind talking to clients right after you wake up. Though video calls have made it easy for business communication to survive this pandemic. It hasn’t made it any better than what it was before; now that’s not entirely true. Video conferencing can be a lot more fun than actual conversation if you use apps other than the mainstream ones. So, have fun at work with these Unique Team Video Chat Apps ideal for Work from Home.


Tired of zoom calls that make you feel like you are being interviewed, then this is the app for you. KumoSpace creates a virtual room which can be customised according to your needs. You can use the app for the entirety of your office hours as your video in the app is in the form of a bubble. Your bubble will be located at your designated place in the virtual office and you can shift it to meet people, like in actual life. Once you are near the bubble of other people you can talk to them, convenient right? Just make sure that the mode of your video is quiet, otherwise, everyone will hear everything all the time. There’s also a Megaphone to broadcast your message, map for easy navigation and chatting through text too. 

2. Alto 

If you don’t like getting ready for video calls, this app is the best option for you among the Unique Team Video Chat Apps. In Alto, you don’t have to show your face to people, even when you are on a video call. It makes sure your privacy is not compromised by enabling you to make a virtual Avatar of yourself. You have full freedom to design your Avatar and make it look like yourself or not, it’s all up to you. The only thing that the webcam will catch is your expressions to go on your Avataar while you are on a call. You don’t even need to register to use this app and it allows you to create your private room as well as create public rooms. It has end to end encryption, which means all the information shared is safe as nothing is stored in the app.

3. Wonder

Wonder is better than any mainstream popular video conferencing app, because of the n number of pros of the platform. The most amazing features of Wonder are mentioned below.

  • It allows you to invite 1500 users for free, which is far more than any other app in the market.
  • The platform is completely web-based, which means you don’t need to download anything to use the platform for video conferencing.
  • It has the most amazing platform for Spatial Video Conferencing. If you don’t know Spatial video conferencing allows you to create multiple groups for video calls, chat and allows you to jump between them with ease. To jump all you have to do is drag your bubble from one room to another.
  • Wonder has also made delegating and supervising easier by tools like the broadcast button that allows the host to talk to all participant by notifying them 10 seconds prior. Hosts can create spaces on canvas to assign different task to different employees.

Among the Unique Team Video Chat Apps, Wonder is my personal favourite.

4. Snack on Slack

If you already use Slack for your business communication, making the use of a snack could be fun. This is only for the social lads who want to talk about something other than business with their colleagues. The snack feature on the slack app allows you to take tiny brakes where you can socialise through a 5-minute video call. You can put your interest in the app and it will match you with a colleague with similar ones. You will get to talk to a new person in every break and the app even has conversation starters if you are stuck with people you don’t know at all. Use this one only if you are a social bee, otherwise, you’ll hate working from home even more. I repeat introverts stay away from this app.

These are the Unique Team Video Chat Apps that you can download to enjoy your Work from Home.

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Unique Team Video Chat Apps that will Make Work From Home Fun

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