Unsubscribe from automated text messages by Few Easy Steps

All of us receive various automated text messages on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter which device you possess at your disposal. Your phone memory will always be at threat due to the hundreds of automated messages in your message folder. Ecommerce companies, banks, restaurants, Ed Tech companies and even Political parties use automated messages. Other than the problem of memory, these messages can also be really irritating and can result in you in missing out on important texts. Automated messages become an even bigger issue for iPhone users. This is because iMessages and SMS are stored in the same app. To get rid of all this fuss all you need to learn is how to unsubscribe from automated text messages.

The Reply Method

Unlike automated emails, automated texts do not have a clickable Unsubscribe text at the end of a newsletter. Most messages don’t even contain steps to unsubscribe or any other information related to the same. However, this doesn’t imply that you need to make your peace with those annoying automated messages. As there is a universal way in which you can unsubscribe from as many organisations as you want. This method involves sending one of the following keywords as a reply to the automated message.

  • END
  • STOP
  • QUIT 

The Universal Method

Though, the keyword ‘Unsubscribe’ is considered the most widely accepted. Most commands among the listserve their purpose in almost all the situations. Though, there might be situations under which the above method might not work. When your message is not delivered to the sender this happens. Under that case, you can use a number provided by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) which is “1900”. To unsubscribe from automated text messages. by this method, do the following:-

  1. Inorder to fully block all category of automated text messages, send “START 0” to 1909.
  1. Inorder to partially block some category of automated text messages, send “START” to 1909 as follows:
  • START1 for text messages relating to Banking/ insurance / financial products/credit cards
  • START2 for Real estate messages.
  • START3 for texts relating to Education and Ed Tech.
  • START4 for text messages relating to Health
  • START5 for text messages relating to Consumer goods and automobiles
  • START6 for text messages relating to Communication/ broadcasting/ entertainment /IT
  • START7 for text messages relating to Tourism

For some telecom services like Vodafone, the keyword START is replaced by STOP. If it gets confusing, you can always call on 1909 for assistance. For Jio users an additional option of DND is available in the MyJio App under the ‘Service setting’.

The Phone Method

Though both of the above methods work well in blocking almost all the automated messages you may receive. Some stubborn websites might require you to visit their page to stop these automated messages, but that is really rare. This method, however, works well if you don’t want to stop automated messages from all sites but only one.

This method works for only legitimate service providers. So, in certain spam messages, the best option is to block such contacts. For android users, there is a separate spam folder available that does the trick. There are third-party applications available as well that automatically block spam automated messages.

I hope these methods come handy to you and you no longer have to worry about automated messages. If you face any difficulty in implementing any of the above methods, just leave a comment below.

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