Vintage iPhone Film Camera Apps that you need to use in 2020

The iPhone has a great camera and it keeps getting better with every new version of the phone. Have you noticed how stunning the iPhone 12 camera is, yet? Well, with the power to capture quality pictures you also get the responsibility of making the most out of it. If you have no idea how you can do that, then you are in the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to click pictures that are not just good in quality, but also aesthetic. Your entire Instagram feed will reflect your newly found sense of vintage aesthetics and you’ll thank us later. So, let’s start learning about the Best Vintage iPhone Film Camera Apps

1. Huji Camera

I discovered this Vintage Film Camera App a year ago, and I just can’t seem to get enough. It is a disposable camera that takes you back to 1998. Not metaphorically, every picture clicked on the app has a date stamp of 1998.

The camera is just like some camera you’ll find in that era with colour fringing, light leak effects and a contrast look. The most vintage thing about the app is that it is just a camera, you can’t import pictures clicked on other apps and edit them here. To use Huji to the best of its abilities you need to use the app’s camera to click pictures. If you wish to reprocess your images then you’ll have to spend a dollar on AppStore. I would suggest making the best out of the free version,

2. KD Pro

Another among the best Vintage iPhone Film Camera Apps that would take you right back to the days of light leaks and heavy contrast. KD Pro is an excellent app to capture stunning vintage pictures and is available on Appstore for free.

Though a premium version is available if you wish to import pictures or reprocess your pictures, the free version is enough if you plan to have the total vintage experience. As that is what happened in the 90’s you couldn’t change a picture after capturing it. You can choose from three film looks on this app, which is black and white, Kodak and Kuji. KD Pro also has this weird feature where you can choose the time od development of your pictures. If you want to make your friends wait for the pictures, just hit 30 days.

3. Retro Camera +

If the above two options were two vintages for you and you are looking for something a little less retro. Then ironically Retro Camera + is the app for you. It is specifically designed to cater to the aesthetic requirements of the Instagram audience.

The Vintage camera app features a huge number of retro filters for the user to choose from. Different filters turn your pictures into something shot in different decades. Other than filters, Retro Camera + also has more than 40 effects to make your pictures more authentic. The best feature about this app would be the feature that allows users to share their artistic pictures directly to social media.

4. Gudak 

The Gudak app is undoubtedly the most extreme among the Best Vintage iPhone Film Camera Apps. It not only clicks pictures that look vintage, but it also makes the entire experience vintage. Just like a camera back in the days, the view while clicking a picture is limited to a tiny viewfinder. You lose the ability to adjust focus, exposure or anything else during the process of capturing a picture. If that wasn’t enough, there is a separate developing process as well.

You have a limited camera roll with 24 exposures and when you finish it you’ll have to wait an entire hour to shoot again. If you think that’s long, wait till you hear the developing time. Which is a whopping 3 days and you can’t change it at all. Gudak app has rigid rules that you have to abide by to take a trip down memory lane. It is an ideal app if you want the entire vintage picture experience.

That was it, these four are the Best Vintage iPhone Film Camera Apps. You might be thinking of many other apps that claim to offer vintage filters, but it is just that. Almost all apps today offer an option to give your picture a vintage look along with the 1000 other features on the list. While this app only cares about getting you authentic vintage clicks and transport you to a different century.

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