Ways you can add links to your Instagram post in 2021

Instagram has many cool features which need no introduction. However, there are a number of features that are necessary but still missing from the social media platform. If I had to make a list of all those features I could probably write an entire blog with 5o subheadings but for now, let’s stick to one such feature. Instagram misses the option of putting a link in a post. So, if you wish to promote let’s say a blog through a feed post, you can’t direct your audience directly to it via the post. Meaning that you can’t put a clickable link in the caption and that can be troublesome if you wish to redirect your audience. However, there are others ways you can add links to your Instagram post.

Use the Sponsored Posts to your Advantage

If you didn’t know it already, paid promotions on Instagram can do a lot more than help you increase the reach of your post. Instagram allows you to reach a new audience through a paid promotional post and also allows them to visit a link you want. If you have a business account you can redirect people to your website using the paid promotion feature. When you do this a call to action feature is added to the bottom of the post which redirects the audience directly to the linked page. So, if you wish to sell the particular product displayed in the post you can add a shop now feature taking the audience directly to your e-commerce.

Add a link to Your Bio

The most common among the ways you can add links to your Instagram post is by putting it in your bio. You can simply state in a caption of your post to check the link in the bio. This will help the interested audience to go directly from your post to your profile and then to the link in your Bio. This method seems simple and the most obvious but it has a lot of drawbacks. Like you can only promote one link at a time, the problem of changing the link too often and the problem of losing a link to an old post.

Create a Link Landing Page

If you are facing any of the problems mentioned in the above post, you can go for a personalised page with links. Linktree is a popular platform that allows you to put a large number of links in one place and lets you personalize it as per your needs. You can even add links to your other social accounts here to increase visibility over all platforms. Putting a link in the bio of your Linktree page will assist you in linking a ton of pages in one place. Such services are basically free to use with a premium version to increase personalization.

Put a to Link your Instagram Stories and IGTV

Thankfully, not all posts on Instagram are without the feature to add a link. Verified accounts and people with more than 10k followers can put links to their websites on their story or IGTV. It is relatively a convenient option with the only downside being that it is not for everyone but accounts with more followers and verification status. In stories, the link feature replaces the swipe up messages and aids your followers to visit your website by merely swiping up. For the IGTV feature, it is just a tap away. You can even reshare your post on your story and a link to it. Instagram is testing the feature for all accounts in some regions though. 

Shorten your Link and Paste

You can use a service like Bitly to shorten the hyperlink you wish to share and then paste it into your captions. However, this won’t be any different from pasting a bigger link. What makes it attractive though, loyal followers will type the link out in their browser and visit the page. Saying that even the most loyal of followers might feel lazy in typing out a link, no matter how short it is. So, this method is the least recommended among the ways you can add links to your Instagram post

If you found the ways you can add links to your Instagram post helpful, use it in real life to grow your blog or business through Instagram.

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