What Is A Hashtag And How Do I Use One?

In such competitive time do you want your business page/account to reach more audiences gathering more likes and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest?

If you want to achieve your goal then hashtag can help you!

Keep on reading we will help you to understand the whole concept and will also share some tips that will increase your post reach for free!

So without saying much let’s learn what is a hashtag and how do I use one!

What Is A Hashtag?

You can think of Hashtag as a folder. A folder is a collection of related files in a memory location on a computer. E.g. All of the songs in your Windows PC/Mac might be in a folder named Music.

So when you want to play a song you’ll visit the Music folder in your directory to find the song.

Like that, Hashtag (#) keeps all related posts uploaded by various people/pages on the internet using the same hashtag under the same section. E.g. #Food, #Sunset, etc.

So when you will post a new photo/video using the hashtag #sunset it will also be added in the Hashtag group #sunset. Because of this, if someone will make a search for the hashtag #sunset your post will also be among the other results.

The best part about using hashtags is that even if the person doesn’t follow you then also they can like, share, and comment on your post!

If your post has its uniqueness then nothing can stop your content from getting new likes and followers!

But it doesn’t mean that you should bombard your post’s with Hashtags!

Using a Hashtag requires skills and a few tricks. Don’t worry we will share some of them with you for free so keep on reading!

How To Use Hashtags?: Tips & Tricks

Using Hashtag is very easy still somehow people tend to use it incorrectly!

The correct syntax for using Hashtag is Hash (#)<Your_Content>. For e.g. #Food, #City, #Happy, are some of the correct examples.

But food#(# afterward), # food(space between # and food), ##food love ( double hash with white space), are some incorrect ways.

If your content is long you can write the first character in capitals for every word or use underscore (_) as a separator.

For instance, you have to write We Are Amazing then you’ll write it like #WeAreAmazing or #We_Are_Amazing. But not like this #We<space>are<space>Amazing.

So now you know what is a hashtag and how you can use it.

As we said earlier here are the 5 tips that will help you reach more people without spending a dime!

5 Tips That Will Help You Reach More Audience

1. Keep Track Of Hashtags

More hashtags mean more reach but it sometimes seems like spam. Because of which your page or profile can be flagged as spam. So never use more than 10 hashtags on Instagram. For Facebook and Twitter try to use 2 hashtags only. On Pinterest, you can use up to 20 hashtags.

2. Never Use Long Hashtags

You don’t need to write a complete story in your hashtags! A successful hashtag should be short and precise so that it can reach more people. For instance #IWentToDisneyLandHadFun can be written as #DisneylandAdventures to make it more reachable and will be better for your business.

3. Avoid Using Spaces Or Symbols

Keep on using letters, numbers, and underscores. Avoid special characters, punctuation, and symbols for e.g. #!food, #-food, #@food. If you will use special characters then the post will not be shown to the people searching for the food hashtag.

4. Make your Account Public

Hashtags will only work if your page/profile is public. Otherwise, it will not be shown to anyone who searches for the hashtag. And also keep in mind, public accounts are prone to hacking. So it’s better to have a very strong password.

5. Your Hashtag Should Represent Your Intent

If you are sharing something about earphones then it should be mentioned somewhere in your hashtag. #earphones #bluetooth_earphones are good examples in which the intent is clear.

On most of the social apps when you start typing any hashtag it gives certain suggestions that are already popular.

In the above picture, we were posting an image where our topic was related to earphones. So we got a few hashtags recommendations that were having 727k and 550k posts so using those hashtags will only give us benefit as the intent is the same.

If you use a hashtag just for gaining popularity and the tags don’t link to your intent then those tags will be useless.

So There You Go Guys!

These 5 tips will help you reach the dream audience that you always wanted to have. We hope your question of what is a hashtag and how do I use one is explained as easy as it could have been.

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