What is Facebook Marketplace and How to use it for maximum benefit?

Facebook is the most versatile social media website ever. There is nothing you can’t do on the site and buying and selling are no exception. Facebook Marketplace is an extremely useful feature that was launched by the tech giant in 2016. From then, it has gained immense popularity among users in various countries. Yet, many users have still deprived of the advantages that these features offer which are caused by nothing but the lack of information. Therefore, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Facebook Marketplace and how it can make your life easy.

What is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a section of Facebook that features classified ads. Users can make use of this space, by putting their goods on sale or buying products that are made available by other users. Anything from clothes to books to apartments can be put on sale on this platform. Though, there are various other websites that perform similar feature. The best thing about this space is that it is not another load on your phone storage. You can let go of the thousands of apps to buy and sell just on the very same app that you use to connect to your friends. Just remember that most of the good on this Marketplace is used, but you can sometimes also find new options.

How to Find Facebook Marketplace

After learning about what is Facebook Marketplace, the next question is where is the feature? It is well established, that Facebook is no longer just a social networking site. It has a lot of features and to find anything new might be a task for a newbie. Thankfully, it is rather easy to locate when you know where to look. Facebook Marketplace is available on the app and also the desktop site.

On the Facebook app, you can find it by:

  1. First click on the rightmost option at the bottom, it is an icon with three parallel lines.
  2. Multiple options will appear, wherein you can find Facebook Marketplace.

On the Facebook site, you can find it right there on the left sidebar of your window. This is the same bar that features groups, friends and all the other options you use.

How to Sell of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a place to sell anything and everything you want to. I am sure that you might have a lot of pieces of clothes, books and tech goodies that you don’t use. What is better than saving the environment by not throwing them away and making money on it. To sell your products on this innovative platform, you have to create an add-in in the following manner.

  1. After you have chosen Facebook Marketplace by the above method, you will see an option of Sell something in the left sidebar.
  2. Now, you have to select a category for your good.
  3. Fill information related to the product and don’t forget to post the best images.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Then, click on Publish and your ad is live.

Whenever someone enquires your ad, you will get a message on your Facebook account. Here you can negotiate and come into terms with the exchange.

How to Buy Products on Facebook Marketplace

Not just selling, you can also buy products at economical rates by using this feature. Facebook Marketplace allows you to buy a variety of products according to the geographical region selected. Buying a product here is not at all like doing the same on Amazon.

To buy products, you will have to do the following.

  1. As soon as you click on Facebook Marketplace in the left bar, several products will appear. 
  2. The products will be under different categories, but you can also search for a specific product from the search bar.
  3. As soon as you find a product, you can message the seller and come into terms of the purchase.
  4. Now, if you decided to meet for the exchange make sure it is in a safe place. If the exchange is happening through courier for some reason, ask to pay after you receive the product.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place for sustainable shopping and now that you know everything about it, why not make the best of it? Just be sure that you go through policies and do not get involved in the exchange of items the are prohibited.

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