WhatsApp has Made bulk Deleting Easier; Learn How to Do it

Our phones are our best friends, but we tend to loathe them sometimes. We hate it when we need our phone and it freezes and when we have to call someone and there’s no reception. And especially when we see something really aesthetic, but can’t seem to capture a picture because your phone memory is full. This problem is more persistent for Apple users due to the fact that an iPhone doesn’t support a memory card, but often seems to bug android users too. Clearing memory for more data on your phone is a task, but it is harder for some apps than others. Thankfully, one of the apps that uses the most storage space has made clearing data easier. Let us learn about how WhatsApp has made bulk deleting easier.

Deleting Data from Whatsapp Before

Until last week deleting chats on WhatsApp was pretty easy, all you had to do is swipe a chat to the left and the chat is gone. The problem with this method is that not only are you deleting a chat with a certain person. You are deleting all files, media, links and gifs associated with the chat. This blind way of deleting texts can risk you deleting something extremely important.

Whatsapp also had the feature of filtering out the chats which occupied the most space in your storage. This feature was accessible by going to storage option in WhatsApp settings, but here too you were deleting data blindly. Then there was an option to open each chat and select each and every file from media to be deleted for every person. Or staring the ones you wish to keep and deleting everything else. All of this was fine, but not convenient considering our extreme usage of WhatsApp for everything. I am sure that you would agree to the same and reading the above two paragraphs was just as cumbersome as deleting things on the app. Thankfully, Facebook recognised it too and came up with a better way to delete files making Whatapp bulk deleting easier.

How did Whatsapp make bulk deleting easier?

Last week Whatsapp dropped a tweet, that stated that the storage management system of the app has been updated. They also attached a video along for users the see the new feature for themselves. This new update lets you delete huge files on your WhatsApp without worrying about deleting important files.

Unlike the old Whatsapp storage management system, this new update prevents users from deleting files blindly. Now, your messages and files will be in an organised form in the storage menu for you to delete only the ones you want. To access the storage management under which WhatsApp has made bulk deleting easier, do the following.

  • In your WhatsApp app go to settings.
  • Select Storage and data option in the menu.
  • Go for Manage Storage.

Now, you’ll find your messages and files sorted in the most convenient way for bulk deleting. You will find categories like ‘Forwarded many times’, ‘Larger than 5 MB’ and other categories as per the files on your app. All the messages will be displayed in descending order of size for better understanding of the files shared. 

Browsing through these files is made easier as they are in the form of thumbnails which can be previewed before you chose to delete them. You can go through all the huge files easily in this way and select it to delete the same. You can also go for ‘Select All’ option after you are done viewing all the files to get rid of them at once. Storage management is now a lot easier, but this is not the only new feature that has made its way into the world of Whatsapp.

Disappearing Messages

Whatsapp has finally introduced disappearing messages. This basically means the text that will vanish from the app after a period of 7 days. Now, you won’t need a separate app to access the feature of temporary texts, you can now do it right there on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has made bulk deleting easier and also introduced disappearing messages to make the life of users easier. The storage problem with the app can easily be taken care of with this update of the app. After Whatsapp’s in chat shopping feature, this was certainly another big step in the right direction.

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