Worried about Apple Pencil battery life? Here’s how to see how much is left

The Apple Pencil hasn’t were given a display screen or any indicator LEDs to let you know how much battery it has got left – or if it is about to run out of energy utterly. But do not be disturbed: it is simple to test an Apple Pencil’s battery share.

If the Pencil is recently paired with an iPad, it’s possible you’ll simply have to get up the pill and swipe proper around the display screen (from both the lock display screen or the primary web page of the Home display screen) so that you see the Today View and its more than a few widgets. One of the widgets you’ll be able to select to show right here is a battery indicator, appearing the remainder energy within the iPad itself and any paired equipment.

How to check Apple Pencil battery percentage: Today View

If you’ll be able to’t see the Batteries widget, swipe upwards to carry extra widgets into view – it can be additional down. But if it isn’t there in any respect, we’re going to have to upload it.

How to upload the Batteries widget

Tap Edit on the backside of the Today View’s listing of widgets, then input your fingerprint or passcode to unencumber if required. This will carry you to the Add Widgets web page.

How to check Apple Pencil battery percentage: Add widgets

The most sensible listing displays the widgets which are recently lively, and by means of dragging the three-line icons to the correct of every one you’ll be able to regulate the order through which they seem. But we would like to upload a brand new one, so glance during the More Widgets phase beneath.

It’s in alphabetical order so Batteries will have to be close to the highest. When you notice it, faucet the fairway plus signal subsequent to it, and it’ll transfer to the (backside of the) most sensible listing. Drag it to your required place within the listing.

What if the Pencil is not paired?

If your iPad and Apple Pencil aren’t paired (or if the Pencil is utterly out of energy) then it would possibly not display up within the Batteries widget. In this example you will have to plug the Pencil into the iPad’s Lightning port.

How to check Apple Pencil battery percentage: Pair with Pencil

Firstly, it’ll get started charging. And secondly, if and when it has got sufficient energy to achieve this, it’ll ask for place to pair with this iPad (and unpair from any others). Confirm that you just want to paid, and the battery share will seem within the widget as commonplace, and stay there even supposing then you definitely unplug the 2 units.

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